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Concrete Panels Installation Video

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Check out this video of the entire process of our Concrete Panel installation, from initial sketch to beautiful fireplace!

  • Initial sketch & colour selection
  • Framing and installing gas unit
  • Installing stunning concrete panels
  • Enjoy your beautiful new fireplace!

Which Fire Pit Fuel Type? Propane vs Natural Gas

We have all been fascinated by fire from the time it was first discovered to this age of memes and technology. Watching the perpetual motion of the flames as it give us warmth and comfort is like being in an oasis of serenity.

Fortunately, DreamCast firepits can bring this experience right into your backyard. Our collection of fire pits from our minimalist Zen Bowl to our 72” Linear  fire tables give a campfire feel to your personal outdoor space. These fire pits are designed to accommodate all types of patios, layouts and of course, your style.

Common type of gas fuel types are either Natural Gas or Propane. Ethanol is also an option, but not a topic of this article. Some areas have certain restrictions when it comes to gas connections – to which gas do you have access? That is why it is very important to know in your area the type of gas burner required for your fire pit.

Firstly, What’s The Difference Between Propane and Natural Gas?
Natural gas consists of mostly methane. It also contains propane, butane, and a few other gases too. Natural gas comes from underground shale deposits. You may have heard of the controversial method called fracking to release the gas from the underground. So, propane is actually refined natural gas. It burns cleaner and hotter than natural gas, so it is considered a much more efficient gas fuel. Propane is also much more available than natural gas because after it is liquified, it’s easy to store in tanks and transport. For example, propane can be delivered by truck to a remote home that doesn’t have natural gas lines available. 

Natural Gas vs. Propane
Natural gas is cheaper than propane, but propane burns hotter, cleaner, and is way more available than natural gas. Propane actually produces twice as much heat as an equal amount of natural gas. For homeowners with natural gas lines available it is cheaper to heat your home with natural gas so in that case, natural gas is the better alternative.

About Propane
How long does a propane tank last? You will get about 95 hours per gallon if burned at a rate of 1000 BTU per hour. As an example if you have a heater with a BTU rating of 30,000, then a gallon of propane will last you 3.17 hrs.

How Many Gallons of Propane in a 20 Pound Tank?
A 20-pound propane tank is the most common size tank. A 20 lb tank is the typical size tank for barbecue grills and the ones you can get in the easy refill programs at Home Depot and gas stations.  A 20 lb propane tank holds 4.5 gallons of propane.

If you have the privilege to choose between natural gas or propane but are torn between the two, our list of advantages and disadvantages of each gas type may help you feel more comfortable in making that decision.
See the list below.

Propane Tank Sizes

Advantages of Propane Gas:
– Setting up is easy
– No need for new landscaping work, if you are not plumbing directly to an onsite tank
– Instant backyard upgrade
– Emits warmer heat than natural gas
– Easy refill (bottle switch programs)
– Mobile – you can change up your patio layout
– The connection hose is visible
– Emits warmer heat, but it comes in lower BTU options so you can get more fuel time out of a standard 20lb propane tank.
– Higher BTU fire pits need bigger onsite tank
– Propane tank is visible  (a side table or tank cover may be needed to hide it)
– Need to refill tanks

Natural Gas Advantages:
– Less expensive than propane (depending on where you live)
– No need to refill fuel
– Can be hard plumbed- meaning no hose! (unless it’s a quick connect)
– Provided there is enough pressure in the house, you can go CRAZY with the BTUs on the firepits
– A maximum of 20′ hose is required for a quick connect option
– It can be expensive to run a line and/ or add a quick connect box
– Once hard plumbed, the unit cannot easily be relocated
– Outdoor lay out cannot be reorganized once plumbed in the ground

Whatever type of gas you decide to use for your firepit, you will need a certified gas fitter to install it.

Fire is fire, let’s enjoy it with care. 

Zen 34 Fire Bowl

Spring Clean Your Firepit

As the weather gets warmer, we are now getting ready to enjoy the fresh smell of the outdoors and start working on our gardens and patios. One of the highlights of the spring and summer season is to enjoy our outdoor space, to gather around our concrete firepit, cozying up, sharing some food, some robust Malbec and telling stories.

But before this could all even be possible, Spring time is cleaning time and the beginning of what you would want your outdoor space to look in summer. Prepping includes weeding, planting flowers in your garden, patio washing and getting ready to use your concrete firepit.

Although our concrete firepits are not high maintenance, we recommend the following steps on how to keep your DreamCast firepits look good after a heavy winter.

Below are some tips to get your firepit going…

  • If you cover your firepit during winter, carefully remove the fabric cover and check the unit for grime or mildew. If you didn’t have a cover during winter, proceed to the next step.
  • Wipe the whole surface down with a damp cloth.
  • Remove the media in the center of the unit (lava rock, glass beads…etc.).
  • We recommend vacuuming or sweeping the plate to remove the broken lava rock pieces and other residue that could block the burner ports. 
  • Using the green kitchen pad soaked in warm water, gently scrub the surface clean.
  • If there is build up of mildew, grime, or white mineral streaks make a solution of water and vinegar then scrub the area as needed with the green scrubby.
  • Wipe the unit down with a damp cloth and then wipe dry with a clean cloth
  • We recommend to use our Refresh Sealer to finish off the cleaning process. Wipe it on and then rub it off with a clean dry cloth.  Do not let the Refresh Sealer dry on the concrete. It’ll renew shine and reseal the unit. 
  • Put the lava rock and or other media back on to the burner plate.
  • You are now ready to enjoy your firepit!

Note: Wet lava rocks may make some popping noise the first time you light the burner. Stay clear of the unit until the crackling and popping sounds stop. This is water drying out in the rocks. 

Wintered firepit. If you had a heavy winter there can be lots of winter grime and minerals come through
Scrub the firepit clean
Apply Refresh Sealer
Cleaned and refreshed the firepit is ready for the season!



Storing Your Firepit For Winter:

    • We recommend covering the unit during winter.
    • Use a water repellant, acrylic, breathable soft fabric cover to protect it from outside elements and prevent the growth of mildew.
    • For Push Button ignition units, remove the batteries if not in use. This will prevent corrosion inside the power box.
    • For electronic ignition, make sure to turn off the power switch in the unit.
    • For Gas and Propane lit, make sure to disconnect the firepit line from the main source whether from the LP tank or from the main gas line.

We highly recommend to getting our Refresh Sealer for your firepit once a year to apply in the spring. This will not only renew the protective coat on your firepit, reduce the visibility of scratches, but it will also make the firepit look new again!

Have a wonderful Spring!

Western Living Magazine Feature

We are loving how these custom concrete panels turned out for interior designer Jenna Josephson. The offset design gives plenty of room for a feature fireplace and to have the TV at an ergonomic low height. We always recommend to have the TV installed as low as possible to keep the neck from straining. Also, installing the TV separate leaves room for a size upgrade down the line! Result – stunning look and everyone in the family is happy.

“Josephson mixed light woods with a black and white colour palette for a minimalist base. Grey-stained kitchen cabinetry adds a subtle warmth, while pops of colour come from plants. It’s against this neutral backdrop that dramatic tile moments really sing—in the master ensuite, the powder room, and for the backsplash. The result is a modern family home that mixes Scandi cool with farmhouse chic…and no sign of the building’s oh-so-’90s past.” Read the whole article here

HGTV’s Top 25 Mantels!

Check out HGTV’S  20 Mantel Ideas featuring a DreamCast Britannia Mantel! 
We’re in good company!

Click the image to go to the article for more inspiration.

Feature in Vancouver Living Magazine

Exciting to see our customised French Country in Vancouver Living magazine spring issue. This beautiful space is a design feature by Beyond Beige interior Design

We ♥️ the old-world charm of this interior.

Read the full feature online here: 

A photo from site:

This French Country was extended in width to 84″. Note the seams like in a classical masonry assembly. 

Linea or Quadra?

Linear Modern Fire

We often get the question of what would we prefer between our Quadra 72” and our Linea 72” fire tables. The answer is definitely not as easy as we would like to think, and it is quite subjective.

These units have their own distinct appearance and characteristics that are equally stunning on their own.
Our Linea comes in 2 sizes: 60” and 72” long. Both are 24” wide and 15 “in height. It has 5” of comfortable table space all around the unit for any purpose the table may serve. It comes with either a 36” or a 48” burner that produces a long line of linear flames for a more alluring presence. Both versions can come in 190k and 250k BTUs respectively, giving out warmth for everyone to cozy around. For propane versions the units are a reduced BTU output unless stationary propane tanks are on the property. Our Linea series is a good size that could be best used as an entertainment focus, or as a space divider.

The fire is the main comfort of the camp, whether in summer or winter, and is about as ample at one season as at another. It is as well for cheerfulness as for warmth and dryness.

Henry David Thoreau

Our Quadra line is our most sought after fire table because of its bold, imposing presence that no one can miss. As a result, it was designed to come in 3 different versions:
The Quadra 48 (48″x36″x15″), Quadra 60 (60″x30″x15″) and Quadra 72 (72″x30″x15″). Of all our fire tables, this model has the most space for table functions. Our Quadra tables come with the table and the base. The base has a 6” indentation from the table top, enough space for the legs to stretch. BTUs for these tables range from 110k – 210k BTU.
As both lines could be perfect additions for your outdoor garden and patios, choosing between the Linea and the Quadra fire table is certainly a personal choice. Dramatic fire or more of an entertainment space? If you have a difficult time selecting one, reference the design of your outdoor patio and see what layout works best. Remember you need at least a foot between the table and the furniture to move around comfortably!

Custom Options

At the end of the day if the standard sizes just aren’t quite right – we also do custom Quadra & Linea tables.
Send us an email or call for a quote.
94″ Custom Quadra Fire Table

Zen34 Firepit Giveaway Contest

DreamCast Design’s Instagram Zen34 Firepit Giveaway contest starts on Feb/07/2020 until Feb/13/2020 (12:00AM).To enter in this contest visit @dreamcastdesign Instagram account. Terms and conditions apply. If you are participating in this contest please download giveaway contest agreement file. 

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