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Customizing French Country Mantel

Our French Country mantel has a timeless design and style to work with traditional and transitional interiors. Having that flexibility at hand, this mantel is definitely one of our most popular mantels.

As the demand for it is high, we  have it available in 4 standard sizes:
FC72 Palais Grand
FC 72 Palais
FC60 Palais Grand
FC60 Palais
– go to the page for the mantel to download spec sheets​

With all that said, we still come across requests for customization on this particular mantel.

We thought to share ways to make this mantel bespoke:

– Trimming – We can trim or shave the plinth, column base or the inside of the posts or legs by 6” or less to accommodate wider size fireplace inserts.

– Depth Trimming – We do trim the depth of the mantel to a minimum of 12” especially for walls with bigger bump out. This makes the mantel look exactly the same but not space intrusive.

– Wrap around mantel – Some walls with deep build out leave the sides empty when the mantel is installed in the center. For some clients, this blank space is an eye sore. We can make it more interesting and elegant by wrapping around the sides with our French Country. This is very do-able provided that the dimension is not more than 24” or it will not just look grand but really massive.

– Extended French Country – This customization is mostly suited for wider and taller walls. This mantel is scaled to the size proportionate to the wall dimensions. Extension can be up to 100” in length.

Custom hearths – We have standard and raised hearths in 3 different designs and sizes; the Chateau, Square, and the Slab. Standard sizes are 72” x 2” and raised is from 12”-15” in height. At any point you feel like designing your own, we can make it happen with few restrictions.

However way you want your French Country mantel, let us know…We can help!

Tips on Choosing The Right Colour and Finish for Your Fireplace Mantel

Old World Texture
SmoothCast Texture
The Limestone texture is subtle and from afar looks like the Smooth finish, showing patterning and character as you get closer

There are so many factors to consider when choosing a fireplace mantel. The four most important things
to factor in on picking a mantel are the design, the size, colour and texture.

When deciding on a mantel, I find that clients choose a design based on the fireplace insert or they have set their eyes on a particular design and everything else works around it. However way you pick your mantel, we can help you achieve the look that you desire.

Let’s go back to the mantel…
After the style and design are decided upon, the dimensions of the fireplace insert is equally crucial to consider. Make sure that the size of the mantel will accommodate the size of your fireplace’s unit. If it doesn’t, we have other designs with more flexible sizing or we can custom size one for you.When that is all set aside, let’s pay attention to the colours.

Fireplace mantels are for the most part, the focal point of every living room and honestly, of almost every
room that has it! Some prefer their mantel colour to blend in with the wall paint, creating one harmonious monochromatic
area that creates an open space illusion. Others on the other hand, prefer it to be the room’s main “Center piece”. They make it stand out by using a completely different colour from the rest of the room and picking a texture that has lots of character in it. We have 11 integral colours to choose from but we can also customize the colour tone if wanted.

The texture of the mantel may not be significant to some. However,it can be extremely important.
Mantel finishes help differentiate the artistic compositions of the concrete from one to another and it also gives the style and appeal that one is into. Our Smooth finish is recommended if you are looking into getting a more modern contemporary look. The texture is semi gloss to matte finish and has a very clean, fine and level surface.
(Modern to Contemporary)
If you are transitioning from a contemporary look to traditional appeal, we recommend our Limestone
finish. This finish has a textured surface and a bit porous just like that of a real limestone rock.
(Contemporary to Traditional)
The last but not the least, and our most popular finish is our Old World texture. This surface has an antique characteristic pattern that is most suitable for a classic and traditional visual appeal. This finish has been the choice of many for our French Country Mantel.

Whatever colour or finish you prefer, let us know how we can help.

Fire Bowl or Fire Table?

Zen Fire Pit

Summer barbecues may be over but getting together with family and friends is just the start of the many social events that is expected in the upcoming holidays.
One of the best places to gather around is by the fire; weather it’s a fire pit, campfire, or even stove heater, we all are drawn to the warmth it emits and the movement of its flames – a graceful and hypnotic  dance.

But with all the numerous selections of outdoor fire pits that are currently out in the market, how can you pick the right one for you?
Here are some helpful pointers to help you choose your kind of firepit:
If you are looking for an elegant yet classic, or boldly contemporary firepit and are into more intimate and cozy effect, then the Firebowl style is best suited for you. What is more intimate than gathering around in a circle? The round compact and wide rim design of the firebowl has a burner of 60k BTU, that gives out more than enough heat to keep everybody warm and snuggly! 

Sultan Firebowl

If you, however, want a more modern and contemporary look, the linear or square firetable is definitely trending at the moment. Aside from the present-day appeal of its style, a firetable has ample table space that is both decorative and functional for your entertaining purposes. It is also perfect to be used as a space divider. Depending on the model, our standard Quadra Firetable has a standard 50k BTU that emits enough heat for warmth and table use.

Quadra Fire Table
Element Fire Table

How to Select a Traditional Mantel from Our French Country Fireplace

Our French Country fireplace is one of our most popular models if not the bestseller among all our products. With its elaborate traditional design twisted with a modern touch, no one can miss its grand appearance in your living room. Dreamcast Design and Production is giving out tips and recommendations to help you select a traditional mantel from our French Country fireplace model.

​Height and Gas Unit Size
It is important to consider the height and width based off ceiling of your fireplace. If you prefer it to be a bit higher off the floor, consider getting hearth for the base and get taller legs if required. If you prefer the model to be on the shorter side, we recommend to cut the posts off inside. It is also advisable to change to Torino or Venizia option if the first two tips do not quite work for you. The gas unit size is a factor that must be considered as well as it has  to be in proportion to the overall size of your fireplace.

​Plant-On Style or Wrap Around
There are 2 styles of mantels that you could choose from: the plant on style or wrap around mantel. However, whatever style you prefer, it is very very important to think of the scale of the room. Is 6′ wide enough space? Will the mantel still be functional after the install? Depending on how you like it, both styles give out the classy French Country effect of this fireplace in your home.

Italian Inspiration

In January 2018 we took a trip to see first hand mantels of the European Old World, as we work to introduce a more classical style to our line-up. After a brief stop over in France we stopped in Rome, Florence and Venice to see the palazzo masterpieces up close. 

We were pleasantly surprised that a number of our existing styles are in fact true timeless classics! Many mantels from the Renaissance age featured throughout the Italian Museum Mansions were actually what we’d call “transitional” these days and simply elegant curves.

In Rome we stopped by Castel Sant’angelo; originally commissioned by Emperor Hadrian. It was used as a Castle in the 14th Century by the Popes and connected to the St. Peter’s Basilica Cathedral. 


As we toured the space in one of the rooms we saw a ringer for our Chateau Surround! It had the same strong front curves on the profile for that softened elegant touch. 

Introducing the Linea Fire Pit!

Linea is our brand new addition to DreamCast fire pit family. It is a modern concrete fire pit that is functional and stylish.  The large opening houses 36″ linear burner. The 5″ rim around the unit offers the tablespace to maximize its functionality. The natural smooth concrete finish makes it a fire feature that works in any contemporary backyard setting.

​Choose any of our eight integral colors to make it complement an outdoor living area or boldly stand out.

Best of Houzz 2016 Award!

We’re proud to have received the Best of Houzz 2016 for Service Award!

The Best Of Houzz is awarded annually in three categories: Design, Customer Service and Photography. Design award winners’ work was the most popular among the more than 35 million monthly users on Houzz. Customer Service honors are based on several factors, including the number and quality of recent client reviews. ​

Our Beautiful and Functional Outdoor Fire Pits Got the ETL Listing!

It is our vision to provide our consumers with assurance in our product performance and safety. We are proud to announce that our beautiful and functional outdoor fire pits got the ETL listing and successfully passed the certification as complete gas appliances! 


A member of our design team will be in touch shortly.

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