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buying a new concrete firepit

Buying A New Concrete Firepit? Read This First

Outdoor fireplaces are a practical and classy addition to any deck, backyard, or patio. A fireplace can be the focal point of entertaining, create a soothing place to rest and provide extra warmth during the cold seasons. A well-made fire pit can be a worthy investment so here are five things you have to know when you are choosing a new concrete fire pit. We’ll help you with buying a new concrete firepit.

Shape and Size

A rectangular fire table is a wonderful central showpiece for your guests to gather around and have meaningful conversations. It can be a place to set your glasses of wine while talking to one another. If you wish to buy a smaller option, a cylindrical fire pit might be better for you. A round concrete fire pit will require less space and it is more of an accent rather than a central piece. It can serve as a unique outdoor decoration as well.

Weight Distribution

It is recommended that you choose a concrete firepit that is engineered with proper weight distribution. This way, you can place it on your deck or move it around your patio via a two-man lift. You can change up your outdoor layout with ease.

buying a new concrete firepit


Today, some concrete fire pits can be lighted with fuel sources like propane and gas. This means you can light your fire pit by clicking the lighter and even manage the flame height while using it. You can simply turn it off when you are finished, instead of waiting for coals to burn out. It is important to note that decorative concrete (e.g., pretty fire put bowls and tables) is not suitable for burning wood. Only firepits with thick concrete walls (i.e., blocks or poured monoliths) may withstand the heat generated by the coals. Buying a new concrete firepit – important step for make cosiest atmosphere.


No matter for safety or aesthetics, there are some concrete fire pit accessories you have to consider buying. These include:

  • Wind guard
  • Tank cover
  • Weather cover
  • Tabletop lid
  • Fill rocks


Concrete fire pits are very popular these days but not all concrete is made the same. Make sure to ask your supplier about the durability of the concrete being used. Find out how the material is engineered so that it prevents cracking and learn about what you have to do to maintain your concrete fire pit. Sometimes, all you need is a fire pit cover. Finally, ask about how the concrete fire pit will age. Here at DreamCast, we know it is the small things that make the biggest difference. We create quality products for our customers and promise to always provide the right support for you. We offer a wide range of stunning firepits for your home. After knowing more about choosing a new firepit, you can consider getting one today and start enjoying the benefits of having a firepit. Feel free to contact us for more information.



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