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Concrete Firepit for Outdoor Coastal Living Area

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Sunset is a prime time as dusk gives way to a fire pit to light all around. Interested on how to add fire to your coastal outdoor area?! With concrete firepits it’s easy to create cozy, relaxing and outstanding exterior design. Concrete firepit for outdoor coastal living area it’s pretty good idea.

Benefits of having Concrete Firepit for outdoor coastal living space

  • HEAT that you can get from your firepit is exactly what you need after swimming. Aura fire bowl (60K BTU) that you can see at Beach House designed by @Jen O’Donnell can also become an additional feature at your outdoor coastal space. And no need for adding a coffee table since Aura has a 5” table rim allowing you to put a drink on it. 
  • Best combination of the natural forces of FIRE AND WATER. It goes without saying that nature boosts energy and relieves stress. Whenever you feel tired – just receive a daily dose of enjoyment from a fire bowl and ocean waves.
Concrete Firepit for Outdoor Coastal Living Area
  • Durable concrete fire tables make an attractive statement piece for your terrace. Even after some time concrete still has a catching view. As for maintenance, it’s easy to clean and refresh your fire pit with simple tools like soap water, sponge or refresh sealer. 
  • Create a beach-chic vibe look of your terrace by adding a fire bowl as a focal point of this area. Is there a more suitable element than a fire bowl that can become the heart of your terrace?

Fire pits Patio Guide

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How to choose a fire pit? 
Here is your Fire pits Patio Guide to help you realize your dream fire pit!
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How to maintain Concrete Fire Bowl at coastal area

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Concrete decoration elements in marine and coastal environments are often subjected to premature deterioration and failure as a result of the extreme conditions to which they are exposed. For our fire bowls we provide the detailed video tutorial on DreamCast Youtube channel on “How to maintain your fire pit”

Also, following some easy rules will help you to keep the fire pit in a good condition: 

  • avoid contact concrete with acid juices and vines since it may turn out as a stain. After spilling out any drinks just make sure to remove it with a tissue and soap water; 
  • cover your fire pit to prevent weathering (check our online store for sunanium cover); 
  • use a glass barrier for a fire pits with the higher BTU in order to avoid hairline cracks on the concrete;

What's benefits of choosing round fire bowl

As a bright example from the photo, we can see how round AURA keeps the designer idea by being a central part of the sitting area with round chairs. 

People always feel comfortable gathering in a circle because that’s where people can be seen and heard. The circle symbol means universal, sacred and divine. It also illustrates the infinite nature of energy. And the inclusivity of the universe. With an AURA fire bowl you can have another SUN in your backyard. 

A round fire bowl does not take much space in your terrace but still can produce a significant amount of heat. Considering that we can cast concrete fire bowls in 8 rich colors, there’s definitely an option that would be a perfect addition to your cozy meeting area.

Concrete firepit for outdoor

Concrete Firepit for Outdoor

We were thrilled to be part of this lovely home. Details: This unit is 60k BTU in Mist color Subscribe to dreamcastdesign.com You’ll definitely find some useful ideas for your outdoor (or indoor) living space and DreamCast Design always is happy to help you add a FIRE into your dream space.
Also, watch more useful videos on our YouTube Channel.

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