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Concrete Panels Installation Video

Concrete Panels Installation Video

Concrete fireplace mantel
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Check out this video of the entire process of our Concrete Panels installation video, from initial sketch to beautiful fireplace!

  • Initial sketch & colour selection
  • Framing and installing gas unit
  • Installing stunning concrete panels
  • Enjoy your beautiful new fireplace!

Look more useful video on our YouTube channel.

Fireplace Installation Video

Concrete panels installation video

DreamCast Design concrete panels are a great alternative to pour in place concrete walls. We make panels out of durable, non-combustible concrete. It helps you to achieve a contemporary industrial look in commercial buildings or residential places more cost effectively. We implemented a new production technology that allows us to cast lightweight  concrete panels in various colours and textures. Thanks to its ultra-thin 1” profile, the installation process is easy.

How to prepare the area for panelling? 

  • The first thing we need to know is the year that a building was originally constructed. If it’s an old building, you need to be sure that the wall is strong enough to carry the weight of the concrete panel: 5 kg on 1 square foot. As an option, you can straighten out a crooked wall by rebuilding or replacing it. 
  • Concrete panels need to be installed on the prepared wall. The best option is plywood/concrete board (NOT on drywall or wallpaper surfaces). The proper installation must be included in the project at the planning stage. In other words, on-site problems and conditions should be anticipated and accommodated for at the beginning.
  • Time to put panels on the wall. For this, we recommend a construction adhesive that is applied with a caulking gun. This material has a minor gap-filling characteristic, sets in a few hours, and bonds concrete panels to almost any other material. Also, make sure you level the bottom and the top panel so everything goes smoothly. 

Attaching concrete panels directly to the wall can cause some potential problems. Your best bet is to prepare for all possibilities by having the toolbox and our manual with a detailed guide for installation. If you need a hand, we offer installation services to all local customers.

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