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How To Bring The Cottage
to Your City Backyard

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How to bring the Cottage to your city backyard

On the topic of concrete, we want to highlight the features of concrete decorative elements in your cottage backyard. Particularly, let’s talk about urban areas. Large cities are modern and developed and offer convenient infrastructures. However, it leaves less space to organize an intimate relaxing area outside around the picnic table fire pit. In this article, we would like to consider various methods of how to organize outdoor living spaces for urban inhabitants.   

Timeless Plant Pots

Concrete pots can be a gorgeous addition to the city backyard. They look the same all year round and different seasonal flowers can be planted in these pots. Moreover, these elements become even more attractive after some time since weathering by the rain and wind imbues it with an aged look and stimulates moss to spread. Concrete slabs look different with holes in them through which grass or flowers can grow. One more thing, you can place planting benches in a quiet corner of your garden and they will serve you as pot storage. If you already have firepits installed on your deck, it will be easier to organize a small green paradise by placing concrete pots with plants around. See more options here.

Cottage backyard
Cottage backyard

Moderate Outdoor Kitchen

What is the backyard for if not cooking outside? At least some areas should have kitchen stuff like BBQ or picnic table fire pit, a bench to provide a space for food preparation and a couple of pots. Benches from concrete, for example, can stay outside in the wintertime.

NOTE: Take into account the total weight of all concrete elements if you have a deck with a limited weight capacity.

Bird Baths and Water Features

Taking care of our small flying friends? Birdbaths are the water feature of your space-limited outdoor urban area. Think of it as a backyard mirror: different shapes of concrete baths where birds can take a dip. Mini-ponds can be also a suitable home for fish in the summertime. Aquatic plants for mini ponds, such as water lilies, do pretty great in this environment. From the first look, it resembles a green paradise, where a fire pit ethanol can become a great addition to this area.

cottage backyard

Another decorative water element is the fountain or fire water bowl for pool which can be placed in various places depending on its size. The soft murmur of water encourages relaxation and creates a peaceful atmosphere outside your house.

Decorative Concrete Elements for Garden

What kind of decoration you would like to add to your backyard around your picnic table fire pit is entirely up to you and your garden exterior design. Small concrete things will always find their place among other components.

Stepping stones

cottage backyard stepping stones

Looking for any ideas to arrange a bridge or footpath across the ? Handmade concrete stones are the perfect option for cladding paths. You might like an impressive range of patterns, textures and shapes you can choose for the stepping stones. Laying stones just in gravel or on the ground will be enough to fix them.

Decorative elements / Statues

Additional ornamental items and concrete figures will add personality to your backyard or around the fire water bowl for pool. This is the perfect way to express yourself. In order to achieve contrast, feel free to add some brave colors to concrete elements. Ideally, combine colors smartly with other exterior elements in order to avoid overwhelming.

Decorating Tips cottage yard

Seating Area

Obviously, it’s almost impossible to imagine a backyard without a zone for relaxation, like a seating area. 

Nothing beats seating outside during quiet evenings and watching a picnic table fire pit burning flame. Let’s see what kind of seating arrangements will work best for your area:

Handwoven rattan furniture (chairs and a sofa) is probably a popular choice among our clients. The fire table, shown below, was cast in the rectangular form in order to highlight the exterior design and be able to place all family members around it;

A concrete bench is a solid and durable option when it comes to organizing seating space. After you placed fire pit picnic table in the center of the relaxing zone, make sure there is enough space for people to gather around. Unlike chairs, the bench can locate more people or you can place pillows and lay on it. It’s entirely your choice.

Wooden chairs. For those who prefer individual seats, wooden chairs are the best option. Wanna a cozy and soft place? Just style it with seating and throw pillows.

Fire pits Patio Guide

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Cottage backyard

Creating a gorgeous concrete impression is simple – just bring fire pit picnic table to your backyard first and decorate area. Rummage around the house, neighbourhood and building shops if you need ideas. Look more useful video on our YouTube channel.

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