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Concrete fireplace mantel custom

Customizing French Country Mantel

French Country mantel

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Our customizing French Country mantel has a timeless design and style to work with traditional and transitional interiors. Having that flexibility at hand, this mantel is definitely one of our most popular mantels.

As the demand for it is high, we  have it available in 4 standard sizes:
FC72 Palais Grand
FC 72 Palais
FC60 Palais Grand
FC60 Palais
– go to the page for the mantel to download spec sheets

With all that said, we still come across requests for customization on this particular mantel.

We thought to share ways to make this mantel bespoke:

– Trimming – We can trim or shave the plinth, column base or the inside of the posts or legs by 6” or less to accommodate wider size fireplace inserts.

– Depth Trimming – We do trim the depth of the mantel to a minimum of 12” especially for walls with bigger bump out. This makes the mantel look exactly the same but not space intrusive.

– Wrap around mantel – Some walls with deep build out leave the sides empty when the mantel is installed in the center. For some clients, this blank space is an eye sore. We can make it more interesting and elegant by wrapping around the sides with our French Country. This is very do-able provided that the dimension is not more than 24” or it will not just look grand but really massive.

– Extended French Country – This customization is mostly suited for wider and taller walls. This mantel is scaled to the size proportionate to the wall dimensions. The extension can be up to 100” in length.

Custom hearths – We have standard and raised hearths in 3 different designs and sizes; the Chateau, Square, and the Slab. Standard sizes are 72” x 2” and raised from 12”-15” in height. At any point you feel like designing your own, we can make it happen with few restrictions.

However, the way you want your customizing French Country mantel, let us know…We can help!

Installation French Country Mantel video

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