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Fire Bowls For Pools

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Concrete Fire Bowls For Pools

Having produced concrete fire pits for over a decade, the DreamCast Design team is an expert in delivering the highest quality and most exemplary products. In many cases, home owners prefer a swimming pool & fire pit combination in order to unite two of nature’s strongest forces: fire and water! We believe a successful combination should begin on the design board to bring satisfaction for many years. To start, we need to focus on the details we need to know to produce a stunning fire bowl for pool.

Meet Safety Regulations

fire bowl for pool

Each pool owner’s responsibility is to ensure optimum water quality and pool safety. For Canadians, there is a mandatory procedure for getting a building pool permit. This document must include a plan with detailed pool drawings, around-zone and decorative elements. When you decided on including a fire pit in the swimming pool area, be certain to include the unit in the plan. What characteristics you have to mention:

  • dimensions: a measurable extent of a fire pit, such as length, width, and height (you can get these details from our website or call the office);
  • BTU output: all our burners meet North American ANSI requirements and supplied with reducing orifice that allows you to decrease the high output to the safe index (for Canada it’s 65K BTU for manual lit units);
  • fuel type: keep in mind to include the type of fuel (natural gas, propane, fire pit ethanol) you’ll be using to run a fire pit; 
  • location: choose the space where you want to place the unit and illustrate it in your plan. In case the water goes around the relaxation zone, be mindful to meet safety requirements when laying gas pipes. If a fire pit is installed close to the pool, according to the design guidance, you have to leave 4 feet between the edge of the pool and the seating area (may vary on the province or state), especially when making a diy fire bowl for pool.

Patio Fire Pit Guide

buying a new concrete fire pit
How to choose a fire pit? 
Here is your Fire pits Patio Guide to help you realize your dream fire pit!
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Choose The Right Fire Pit Shape

The lifestyle of house’s inhabitants usually provides the primary stimulus for innovative pool & fire pit design. In most cases, it’s a place that would facilitate appropriate activities but would not resemble a commercial installation. Adding a fire bowl for pool is luxurious. Preferably, the fire pit and pool layout are complimentary, as if they had always been together. That’s why it’s really important to choose the right fire pit shape for your poolside:

Round Form

(Zen, Aura and Lotus models) is frequently considered a Sun shape. To take full advantage of the beautiful outdoor view, the round concrete fire bowl for pool can be built as a centrepiece of a swimming pool, taking after the natural Solar System’s central star.

fire bowls for pool

Rectangular Form

Fire bowl for pool

(Quadra, Linea, Libra and Phantom models). Sharp, strong lines and saturated concrete colors make rectangular fire tables a perfect visual complement to the swimming pool it is near to. Rectangular units, among others,  will give you more heat since these models go with the highest BTUs. For most homeowners, being able to get heat when you’ve just come out of the pool is a considerable bonus when choosing a fire table. Just try to imagine and feel it!

Square Form

(Element, Bloq, Cubo models). The simple geometric design of the concrete unit complements the style of most swimming pools. With square fire pits, you can achieve the right balance in design and retain the functional aspect of the outdoor living area. Fire pits also help to keep the area around the lounge space warmer, as a significant feature given its location near the swimming pool.

fire bowl for pool

Safe Installation Fire Pit For Pool

Together with the fire pit, we always include the Owner’s Guide and Instruction Manual to help with installation. For all gas and propane units, you should hire a professional gas fitter who will be able to do proper installation following all local safety rules. Important notes that should be taken into consideration during the installation of the fire water bowl for pool

  • The gas line should have a nominal operating pressure (for natural gas: 3.5”WC to 7”WC; for propane: 11”WC to 13”WC) for DreamCast units;
  • Before placing a fire pit, make sure once again that the desired location meets all clearance requirements: 120” to combustible overhead on high output Dreamcast fire tables;
  • Ensure to provide appropriate drainage beneath the opening in the base of the fire pit body. Also this is applicable to diy fire bowl for pool;
  • Connect the burner to the gas line following the instructions. 

By following these requirements, you will ensure the long operation of the fire pit. Watch more useful videos on our YouTube channel.

fire pit for pool

Follow Maintenance Tips

A low maintenance design and in-built drainage features ensure that the swimming pool area is always ready for use with no hassle for an owner. Moreover, the space around the fire water bowl for pool is also maintained dry and ready to light when it’s smartly designed. 

What you should know about the maintenance of a fire pit in the swimming pool zone: 

  • keep fire toppings dry. Do not light wet lava rocks or stones, it may cause loud crackings and rocks will pop out. Also, cover units when it’s raining;
  • clean stains left after drinks right away. It will help you to avoid hard stains;
  • use a glass barrier when it’s windy to control the flame;  
  • once per year apply a refresh sealer to your concrete fire pit in order to refresh the look. You can find a video on our Youtube channel about this procedure.

Get In Touch

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Thanks for reading! We hope this has been helpful.

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