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FIre Pit Maintenance

Fire Pit Maintenance


Winter may not be over yet but it is never too early to maintenance your concrete fire pit for any Season. 

But first, a little back story on our concrete fire pits: DreamCast manufactures concrete products in a wide variety of colours and textures. It is important to note that concrete is a natural material that is distinct and unique. Meaning, no two pieces are exactly the same and may even be quite different from. 

Reminder – Installation and repair should be done by a qualified technician. Appliances should be inspected prior to each use and inspect at least once annually by a qualified gas appliance service professional. 

Characteristics of Concrete​

Concrete is a natural material and variations in the surface are to be expect and embrace. 

  • May vary in color
  • May vary in thickness
  • May not have a perfectly smooth surface or perfectly straight edges and corners
  • May feature color artifacts and voids on the surface
Fire Pit Maintenance

Ready to Clean your Fire Pit?​

Ensure gas and power (if applicable) are shut off and fire pits is cool before servicing, and read the tips below.

Prepare your work area by having the following on hand:

  • Vacuum,
  • pipe cleaner,
  • steel wool, and
  • Wd40,
  • Work gloves
  • Plastic drop cloth (this is to place the rocks upon)
  • Old towel or blanket (to protect the rim/surface of the fire pit) 


  1. Ensure that the fuel supply (NG or LP) is turned off at the main source. If it is electronic, turn off the power breaker. 
  2. Separate the media rocks according to types; Remove them from the firepit and place them on a plastic drop. Stones can easily be clean with hot soapy water and can even be placed in the dishwasher. 
  3. Lift the burner assembly carefully and use a protective blanket to avoid scratching the surface or rim of the vessel. 
  4. With the help of another person, remove the dirt and debris from the inside of the vessel with a vacuum or by hand. 
  5.  Inspect the burner for any issues. Ensure that the nozzles are clear by following these guidelines: Burner Nozzles – *Vacuum tip of each nozzle to clean out any dust, dirt or water condensation in the gas orifice. Ball Valve – *Spray one shot of WD40 into the keyhole, insert the key and rotate the ball valve clockwise and anticlockwise. Repeat as need to achieve smooth ball valve operation. 

Concrete Fire Pit Maintenance and Care​

Your DreamCast fire pit is factory sealed to resist staining and discoloration. But like everything else, care should be taken to maintain its premium quality concrete finish. Concrete is a very porous material and may stain from certain substances left on the surface. Things that may stain if not removed right away include: Red wine, Acidic juices, Oils Waxes, Tree sap and other organic material, watermark from water trapped under an object for an extend period. 

Keep fire feature covered at all times when not in use.

Re-Sealing your Fire Pit​

Read our post on how to reseal and spring clean your fire pit by following this link


Patching and Repairs​

Scratches and chips can be repair with our Patch Kit. However, any repairs made to concrete may be visible after the fix.

For more information on your Dreamcast concrete routine care and maintenance, contact us at 1-604-330-4078

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