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Gas Fire Pits


The Benefits of a Gas Fire Pit


As the weather gets warmer, we start thinking about family get together, backyard barbecues, friends and loved ones gathering around by the fire.  Fire… there is just something inherently mesmerizing about fire…it is primitive yet so magical! Gas fire pit – it’s all you need for magical.

But having an outdoor wood burning fire pit now is most definitely a fire hazard. There are also all kinds of restrictions in place to prevent wild and forest fires in most communities. These restrictions are also usually in place during the season that you want to enjoy sitting around a fire pit.

With that said, an outdoor gas fire table or fire bowl is currently the best and safest option to stimulate the same ambiance that a natural wood burning fire pit gives out.

What is a gas fire pit?

A gas fire pit is an embellished framework that has the capacity to hold fires and high heat and is run by either natural gas or liquid propane. It is a secure fire vessel that could be made of many different tough materials like copper, iron and concrete that has the capacity to contain fire and high heat. The goal is to emulate the features of a traditional wood burning fire pit.

Also most functioning gas fire pits are for outdoor use. However, some can be placed under a covered roof (make note of height requirements if any) although most have to be placed in an open space when in use.

How to use a fire pit

Have you ever lit a barbecue before? Are you familiar with turning the gas valve on? By the way, did you use a long stem lighter to light it after turning on the ignition? If you have, then that is pretty much how simple it is to use a gas fire pit. It is important to note that there are a few types of firepit gas ignition methods: Manual, Push Button and electronic

Let’s break down how to use each type:

Manual Start

1: Turn on the gas valve
2: Use a long stem lighter or long matchstick to start the burner
3: Turn off the gas valve after use
…And that’s that!

Push Button Ignition

1: Turn the gas valve key to let the gas flow to the burner.
2: Push the button to create a spark that ignites the rods.
This starts the flame on the burner See? It’s easy peasy just a finger press-y!

Electronic Ignition

1: This starter requires power to operate.
2: An installed power line to the fire pit is needed for it to work.
3: It can also be operated on a battery powered electronic system.
4: Control operation on a wall switch or by remote control and…
5: Operational using your bluetooth paired smartphone.

Pilot System

Just turn the knob, light the pilot with your BBQ lighter and watch the flame safely ignite from the pilot light. You have full control over flame height. You won’t have to worry about losing your ignition key ever again. Watch our IG Reel to see how easy it is to use. 

Electronic ignition is generally used in commercial establishments because it provides options to lock access to firepit ignition and install a timer. In a commercial setting is important to make the firepit controls inaccessible to the public thus, making it tamper proof. Electronic ignition comes with a built-in flame sense feature as well that detects when the flame blows out to automatically shut off the gas valve so as to stop the gas from leaking. So, this feature is available with some push button models as well.

Another choice for a fire pit that does not require a gas burner is the oldest and the most organic way of building fire, by burning wood. I mean, who does not like the crackling, trance inducing sound of a burning firewood?

With that said, wood burning fire pit does have its downside:

  • Gathering firewood especially in an urban setting isn’t easy
  • Real firewood can be costly
  • Hassle starting the fire
  • Messy, leaving soot and ash
  • Needs frequent cleaning
  • Smokey and the smell sticks around
  • Fire Hazard
  • Needs permit to use in some areas
  • Community fire restrictions

Fire pits Patio Guide

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How to choose a fire pit? 
Here is your Fire pits Patio Guide to help you realize your dream fire pit!
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Is it worthy to invest in a gas fire pit?

Absolutely! An installed gas fire pit has so many benefits and the following are just a few of them:

  • Adds value to the property
  • Great conversational topic starter
  • Enhances outdoor aesthetics
  • Extra functionality
  • Energy efficient from the heat level control
  • Turning on/off button convenience
  • Source of warmth
  • Extend your backyard use into cooler months
  • …and so on and so forth…

Now, with the stiff competition of many fire pits that are out in the market, DreamCast concrete fire pits are a cut above the rest. Safety, reliability, functionality and exquisite designs, that is DreamCast all in one.

Our products are locally manufactured in our BC Canada facility. Each fire pit is a unique piece, carefully and beautifully handcrafted by our team of artisan craftsmen. They come in many selections, shapes and sizes that any design will be best suited to any outdoor layout and theme. There are 8 natural colours to choose from. These natural colours are thoughtfully selected after the organic colours of black charcoal, London fog gray, autumn mist, dusk haze and a lot more.

If you have a specific fire pit design in mind, run it by us. We could most likely make it happen for you, as we can also make custom designs.

For more information contact us.

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