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HGTV’s Top 25 Mantels!

Check out HGTV’s Top 25 Mantels Ideas featuring a DreamCast Britannia Mantel
We’re in good company!

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TOP 25 Mantels

Our website and social media presents a broad range of mantel designs and ideas for almost every interior style. We’ve designed and built classic as well as modern fireplace surrounds in the style of the early 18th Century right up to modern day. We have some traditional mantel designs, like the Venezia fireplace with a stately chimneypiece of elegant craft design, and a we also carry the Tori with it’s bold right angles showcasing minimalism. HGTV’s Top 25 Mantels.

We aim to demonstrate well-designed projects manufactured with timeless craftsmanship, and made of modern high-performance concrete. Most of our concrete products can be modified to fit your existing fireplace opening. But does it mean that one of the top mantels will definitely go perfectly with other interior elements in your house? To look vogue yet to keep your home’s character is our goal. The DreamCast Design team will help you to achieve a unique and personalized look.

How to decide what mantel is BEST for your place?

  • SIZING is one of the most critical factors. Although we can produce custom models, it’s still essential to understand how each model will look with the different inserts. It’s always good to keep the mantel proportionate to the size of the room. The right chosen size is the first step in achieving balance in design. 
  • COLOUR of the fireplace surround plays an important role in interior design. To create harmonious colour combinations, designers strive to match colours by using a variety of diagrams – colour charts, triangles, and wheels. It helps to understand colour interactions, select and combine colours, and create pleasing and practical interior pallets. Go to our website and order colour samples to find out what hue matches best in your area.
  • DESIGN is all about the forms and shapes of the mantel. DreamCast designs are timeless yet unique. There are some mantels that go best with the traditional interior design while others are the TOP MANTEL choice for a modern environment. 

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