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Fire bowl

Fire Bowl Holmes Makes it Right Features Zen 36


We were thrilled to see our DreamCast Zen 36 Fire bowl be featured on Episode 7 of Mike Holmes from HGTV Holmes Family Rescue. On this episode Homeowners Lori and Sonja bought their forever home in the country, only to have their dreams watered down by endless leaks in the basement. Mike, Michael, and Sherry expose water pooling issues all around the house that have caused dangerous walkways, but they’re determined to give this couple the backyard oasis they always envisioned. Meanwhile, foster mom Bernadine finally gets the stamp of approval to welcome children into her now safe and beautiful home.

Join Mike Holmes as he Makes it Right and uses a DreamCast Zen 36 in a stunning backyard transformation. This beautiful fire bowl was configured as a 60K BTU unit in the Chalk Color. Measuring 36″ Round and 18″H this firepit is the perfect centerpiece. Check out available configurations on the product page.

Learn more about the garden layout with @ladylandscape who worked with Mike Holmes to design this gorgeous yard.

Fire bowl Zen 36

fire bowl
Zen 36 in Chalk at 60K BTU

The bold Zen 36 fire bowl is the centerpiece for any occasion. The effortless profile and stunning flame offers instant spectacle and warmth.  This is the firepit to suit both modern or classic outdoor spaces. 

Available in our standard 120,000 BTU or upgrade to a powerful 180,000 BTU burner. For the show the unit was configured with a 60K BTU Burner.

Available in 8 rich concrete hues, plus with a variety of available accessories each fire pit can be made to match individual needs and landscape design. Whether you need tranquil river rock, modern cannonballs or rustic logs we have you covered! 

Every firebowl ships complete with decorative lava rock, for a natural yet modern look. 

All concrete firepits are sealed to minimize weathering.

Handmade in Canada with an American all-brass CSA-approved burner, this is a beautiful feature of any entertainment space.

Learn how to make indoor and outdoor makeovers right with Mike Holmes

If you still don’t know Mike Holmes, take your time and dive with us into his story. Personal qualities like true sympathy and deep understanding make Holmes a good professional. Gained knowledge in the building field and more than 20 years of experience as a builder makes him a trustworthy contractor. 

After facing other builders’ mistakes that ruined peoples’ houses and budgets, Mike decided to run his own project. TV show “Holmes Family Rescue” helps owners renovate their dwellings,  backyards who are suffering from botched construction jobs or are experiencing renovation fatigue. Mike and his crew set the standard for excellence in renovating people’s residentials.   

What Mike Holmes show is about:

  • Indoor improvements for private properties. It goes step by step and starts from the most important moments. Depending on a house condition it may be planning work, demolition, plumbing and electrical works, drywall (to cover framings), painting, kitchen and bathroom renovation, windows and doors, cleaning house, installing fireplaces or mantels, hard flooring works, finishing. These are just approximate renovations for a standard issue. For Mike it’s not just a list of duties, it’s important stages that need to be done RIGHT. 
  • Outdoor renovation for those who want to upgrade an outdoor living area. Designing cohesive extension to your deck or patio can be achieved with the right elements. But do you know what weight your deck can handle? Among one of the modern trends today is organizing the kitchen area outside. Additional individuality to outdoor living space Mike adds by combining patio furniture with fire pits or fire tables. 
  • House inspections before buying it. People have already found a suitable property but still in doubt about purchasing it. As a professional home inspector Mike does visual inspection by looking at different moments inside and outside the building. It could be roofing, foundation, walls, doors and windows, flashing etc. Very often after such inspection a price on the house can be notably decreased.

The Most important moment about the “Holmes Makes it Right” is that all guests in the show are people who suffer from builders’ mistakes or natural disasters (like fire) and don’t have a budget to renovate it by themselves. Holmes’ team helps with true intentions and for no charge.

What you can get from the “Holmes Make it right” show:

  • learn the basics of construction to get renovation done right the first time. Many students and beginners should start from watching all episodes in order to avoid failure and renovate with confidence. 
  • professional tips from Mike and his crew. It appears to be always a headache to choose the right product for building works and design. With Mike, Sherry and Mike Jr. approved products it becomes easier. On the TV show you can see what it looks like in real life. 
  • ideas and inspirations for home renovations and outdoor constructions. Today a lot of owners seek original design that can reflect their personal tastes. It goes without saying that quality should be on a high level. Mike and his team combine individuality with high work standards. No offense that you’ll have your fancy bathroom waterproof  because Holmes takes care about what’s behind the walls. In each episode you can grab a smart idea for your own renovation project and it’ll be RIGHT. 
  • answers to “how to…” questions can be found on this TV show. Very often we don’t even know where to start. But the thing is that this question may appear not only in owners’ heads but in builders as well. Holmes tells how to choose a water filtration system, install IV charging station, install boiler and many other things. If some important moments were ignored during renovation, house owners will definitely face some negative consequences in the feature. 

During his building career Mike was honored with many rewards like Viewers’ Choice Award, Best Lifestyle/Practical Information Series, The Queen Elizabeth II Diamond Jubilee Medal. But the most valuable award for him is the trust that he’s built.

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