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Gas fire pit

How Long Can You Run Your Gas Fire Pit?


DreamCast is proud of our fireplace designs and the quality of our products. We invest and stand behind the integrity of each appliance.  Purchasing a DreamCast gas fire pit is an investment enhancing your outdoor living space giving you opportunities to create moments of togetherness by our flame. Whether you purchase our brass or stainless steel fire pit systems you can rest assured that it’s built using quality commercial grade materials. Every appliance is outfitted with patented technology allowing flames to burn brilliantly, quietly, and clean. In this blog post we discuss the safe burn time of your gas fire pit.

Burn Times in gas fire pit​

A popular question asked to our team is how long can you run/burn your fire pit or fire table ? This is an easy question because Dreamcast fire pits are built to last. Not only is our concrete exceptional in strength, but we can honestly say the burner systems are top tier with true confidence because of the intense research and testing each of our appliances undergoes at every stage and phase. Our stainless steel HPC fire pit models feature from conception engineering that is informed with years of industry knowledge rooted in safety enabling HPC’s production team to produce and assemble sleek, beautiful and functional designs. Crossfire brass systems are durably built and outfitted with precision jets for maximum flame effect. All of our fire pits burners are tested to meet the highest industry standards making it easy for us to stand behind our products.

So how long can you burn your natural gas or propane DreamCast Fire Pit?  As long as you want! For example HPC burners have been tested and stretched running between 8-12 hours per day.  So, feel free to run your DreamCast gas fire pit as often as you’d like while you are able to do so safely.  So, how do you safely run your fire pit ?

gas fire pit
gas fire pit

Key Factors Ensuring Safety For Burning gas fire pit​

  1. Proper Installation– see your installation instructions at dreamcastdesign.com
  2. Proper Ventilation– Venting your unit ensures that the appliance won’t overheat.
  3. Proper Monitoring– While in use it is important to have eyes on your fire appliance ensuring safety.

There are several accessories that can be added to your fire appliance that will create layers of protection as well as give homeowners peace of mind.


  1. Timers– DreamCast offers several timers that allow owners to set a designated burn time and will automatically turn off the appliance once the time has expired. These are only available with battery operated or electronic ignition models.
  2. Wall Switches– Allow homeowners an added layer of protection ensuring the appliance isn’t turned on remotely unintentionally when using an electronic ignition model.
  3. Wind Guards– Creates a barrier between the flame and those enjoying it. Available for all ignition models.

View other available fire pit accessories on our store.

gas fire pit


DreamCast products are backed by our warranty. We are confident every time you go to turn on your manual fire pit it will light. This translates to Dreamcast offering the longest warranty in the industry, including a lifetime guarantee on all manual lit burners installed in a residential setting.

Custom Satisfaction:​

We are here to help you every step of the way. Call or email our team and our professional team will help you with any questions or concerns. Our in-house designer can also help you with choosing the right color and style for your layout. Just click the banner below to book an appointment! We look forward to being part of your dream outdoor space.  

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gas fire pit

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