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How to choose fire bowls

How to choose fire bowls


How to choose between Zen 36 and Zen 34 fire bowls​

Congrats, you’ve decided to purchase a Zen bowl! The Zen bowl is an excellent choice for adding a timeless, minimalist design that works in any space. We develop a design for our fire bowls that never grows old and it’s cast to stand the test of time. So – how to choose fire bowls?

Now, however, you’re stuck between choosing a Zen 34 or Zen 36 bowl? Which one is best suited for your outdoor living space? Let’s narrow down the pros and cons:

Fire pit Zen 34:

  • HEIGHT: Zen 34 is at 12″ height which maximizes the heat efficiency (since heat rises, the lower the fire pit the more heat you’ll feel) and would be a better choice if wanting to warm the space at a lower profile. 

  • DIAMETER: The 34″ diameter takes up less space compared to the Zen 36, especially if providing a firepit to a more intimate gathering of 2 – 4 people. 

  • BTU OUTPUT: Depending on your preferences, you may choose to add 60K or 120K burner to your firepit. The higher BTU, the more heat you’ll get. For those who like to spend nights in front of a fire bowl enjoying food, drinks and talks – 60K BTU can be enough. For small companies of 4 people with 120K you can place chairs 3 feet away and still feel the heat.

  • WEIGHT: Sometimes it’s crucial to meet weight requirements, especially if you have a deck with limited weight capacity. Zen 34 weighs 110 lbs.

How to choose between Zen 36 and Zen 34
Zen 34

Fire pit Zen 36:

  • DIAMETER: Zen 36 is a 36″ diameter fire bowl that provides more of a visual impact. And is a greater option if wanting to anchor a larger space with a bigger fire pit bowl. The best size for a fire pit is between 36 and 44 inches inside diameter. That allows to create enough space for a healthy fire but still keep people close enough to chat.

  • HEIGHT: The taller height (the height of Zen 36 is 18” which is 6” higher than Zen 34) would also provide more practicality for serving drinks and food if adding a topper to the fire bowl.

  • BTU OUTPUT: If you are looking for something that produces A LOT of heat. The Zen 36 can accommodate a 120 or 180K BTU burner due to the fire pit area being larger. The Zen 36 has the highest BTU output available for our round style fire pits. 

  • WEIGHT: To define the maximum load capacity of your deck, start by calculating its total area and multiply by 50 psf.  That means that a 100 sqft deck can support 5000 lbs. When you finally found a place for your Zen 36 fire bowl, just take into account that its weight is 176 lbs

how to choose fire pit
Zen 36

What’s in common between Zen 36 and Zen 34:

– available in 8 rich colors. To choose the right one that fits best to your environment, go to our website and check available colors or order samples from our online store; 

– metal table top can serve as an additional space for placing drinks and food on it. Also, a removable insert protects lava rocks on rainy days. To see how it works together just visit our youtube channel and look for Zen 34 and 34 metal table tops video. 

– glass barrier as a safety feature intended to keep flame by blocking strong wind, prevent kids or pets from getting into fire or serve as a barrier between fire and table space.

Get Inspired from your Fire Bowl

Who wouldn’t want to give themselves an hour just to think about the day that has passed before them? The best place to do so is your outdoor living area in front of the fire bowl. Focusing on a real fire always inspires people to think about things and achieve a meditative state.If you’re still in doubt which fire bowl works best for you, you can contact our sales team

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Zen 34 fire bowl
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Zen 36 fire bowl
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