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How to Select a Traditional Mantel

How to Select a Traditional Mantel from Our French Country Fireplace

How to select a traditional mantel?

Our French Country fireplace is one of our most popular models if not the bestseller among all our products. With its elaborate traditional design twisted with a modern touch. No one can miss its grand appearance in your living room. Dreamcast Design and Production is giving out tips and recommendations to help you select a traditional mantel from our French Country fireplace model.


​Height and Gas Unit Size

It is important to consider the height and width based off ceiling of your fireplace. If you prefer it to be a bit higher off the floor. Consider getting hearth for the base and get taller legs if required. If you prefer the model to be on the shorter side. We recommend to cut the posts off inside. It is also advisable to change to Torino or Venizia option if the first two tips do not quite work for you. The gas unit size is a factor that must be considered as well as it has  to be in proportion to the overall size of your fireplace.

How to select a traditional mantel

​Plant-On Style or Wrap Around

There are 2 styles of mantels that you could choose from: the plant on style or wrap around mantel. However, whatever style you prefer, it is very very important to think of the scale of the room. Is 6′ wide enough space? Will the mantel still be functional after the install? Depending on how you like it, both styles give out the classy French Country effect of this fireplace in your home.

French Country Mantel
How to select a traditional mantel

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