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Italian Inspiration

In January 2018 we took a trip to see first hand mantels of the European Old World, as we work to introduce a more classical style to our line-up. After a brief stop over in France we stopped in Rome, Florence and Venice to see the palazzo masterpieces up close. 

We were pleasantly surprised that a number of our existing styles are in fact true timeless classics! Many mantels from the Renaissance age featured throughout the Italian Museum Mansions were actually what we’d call “transitional” these days and simply elegant curves.

In Rome we stopped by Castel Sant’angelo; originally commissioned by Emperor Hadrian. It was used as a Castle in the 14th Century by the Popes and connected to the St. Peter’s Basilica Cathedral. 

As we toured the space in one of the rooms we saw a ringer for our Chateau Surround! It had the same strong front curves on the profile for that softened elegant touch. 



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