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Outdoor Propane Fire Pits and Gas Fire Pits

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It always feels exciting and a bit troublesome once the backyard renovation comes down. That’s where your expectations may not meet reality and a gap frequently exists between the planning outdoor design and its implementation. So how to make it work? Try to consider an outdoor gas fire pit from DreamCast Design as an additional element to fill a bare space on your deck or patio. See outdoor propane fire pits and natural gas fire pits we offer here

How Do We Make Fire Pits

DreamCast Design was established more than 15 years ago. We’ve put a lot of thought into our production process and improved it during this time to reach the highest quality for our fire tables. For example, we integrate color in the initial stage of production to achieve a more sustainable and long lasting look.
The manufacturing process starts from casting (concrete mixture placed into a mould, cured for some time and then carefully extracted). To bring it a desirable look we polish and seal our product. 

What Do You Need To Know When Choosing a Gas Fire Pit for Your Backyard

We ask our clients how they like to spend their spare time outside. Do they enjoy activities or relaxing talks? What mood do they want to feel? We are inspired by answers when offering a suitable concrete product that personifies their style.

MODEL TYPE. Variety of fire pit forms provides the design flexibility and options for all DreamCast Design clients no matter their backyard aesthetic.

Round fire bowls are shown in Zen, Aura and Lotus models. Depending on the height it varies from 12″ to 20″, with diameter options of 32″, 34″ or 45″. That’s a pretty wide size selection for your outdoor living space. Also, some fire bowls like the Aura and Lotus have a concrete rim around that serves as a table space, or the Zen has an optional accessory to add a table top!

Square fire pits such as Cubo, Bloq and Element are presented in different designs but still stay true to square form. Element and Bloq are intended for heating, eating and entertainment with their table space. Meanwhile Cubo with its exclusive size offers heat and aesthetic to small or tight spaces. 

Rectangular fire tables are the most popular choice for spacious outdoor zones. Solid Quadra model with 48”, 60” or 72” length fascinate you from the first look when all you want to do around is enjoy some drinks in front of a burning flame. Same length models Linea and Phantom are introduce as one whole concrete piece and can be an effective and integral addition to your exterior. Outdoor propane fire pits and tables really popular.

Fire pits Patio Guide

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How to choose a fire pit? 
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Fuel Type For Outdoor Fire Pits

As much as we can enjoy real wood burning fire pits, it’s still the main source of sparks that can cause fire, smoke and heavy sooting. A more popular choice among our clients is natural gas or propane. We can start from here and consider both options in more details.

  • Natural Gas. It has a low density (easier than air) and will rise when released into the air. That’s why it’s delivered to your home through pipelines. From this point we should get more detailed because that’s where your gas fitter will connect a gas line to a fire pit (we will provide you with a connection kit for NG). Be aware that nominal operating pressure for natural gas is between 3.5”WC to 7”WC (6” WC is recommended). Natural gas fire pit burns clean and produces a lot of heat. 
  • Propane Propane is a product as a result of oil refinery, therefore it burns more cleanly than natural gas and other fuel. For our propane fire pit we provide particular connection kits and burners. Additionally, we recommend a hose to link the propane tank to the fire pit and regulator in order to control pressure (nominal operation pressure should be between 11”WC and 13”WC).
  • Ethanol. If you don’t have access to either natural gas or propane you could utilize ethanol burners, also known as a bio-flame (derived from a plant). This way you can reduce gas emission but still have a nice decorative flame and heat. To light your fire pit all you do is pour ethanol into burner container and ignite it. 

Natural Gas Or Propane

There is no right or wrong answer to what fuel is better for a fire pit. Some units have connection to a common gas line when others have no access to natural gas and need to utilize liquid propane instead. Type of fuel does not impact the height of a flame or the amount of heat. Technically Propane burns hotter, but this isn’t a difference you would really feel at your fire pit. The main problem with propane is that you always need to refill a tank and you’re responsible for its maintenance (avoid leak and corrosion).

Ignition System Type

Take time to decide which type of ignition works for you best. There are a few factors that require your attention: fire pit model, type of residence, BTU output.

  • Manual Ignition is obviously the most common type of lighting for an outdoor propane fire table or gas fire pit. Open the gas flow and light it. The height of the flame can be easily adjusted with a key (located on a side of your fire pit). Despite its simplicity, it’s the most reliable option since there is no chance it’ll get broken unless you’ll lose a lighter. 

  • Push button usually is placed on one of the sides of your fire pit (only for rectangular or square fire pits) and produces sparks that cause a fire. Convenient method especially when you don’t have a lighter by hand. For an outdoor propane fire table and gas fire pit with the lower BTU output also works a shut-off feature.   

  • Electronic Ignition option is mostly suitable for commercial sites but also can be applied to residential. This type of ignition system works fully automatically. There’s no need to open the gas flow or adjust a key, unless you wish to. A long wire goes from the fire pit to the wall where the switch is usually placed. An additional advantage is that the system has a flame sense shut off feature to shut down the gas flow in case the flame is blown out. 

  • Pilot System
    Just turn the knob, light the pilot with your BBQ lighter and watch the flame safely ignite from the pilot light. You have full control over flame height. You won’t have to worry about losing your ignition key ever again. Watch our IG Reel to see how easy it is to use. 

Performance Heat Output

Keep in mind to pay attention to BTU output when choosing the unit. BTU is a unit of measurement that shows how much energy a fire pit uses to produce heat within an hour. Considering existing restrictions in some Canadian areas, BTU output can vary from 50K to 210K (depends on: area restriction code, type of overhead, type of building: residential or commercial). 

  • Stainless Steel burners are available with 50, 60 and 65K BTU outputs. These burners are CSA approved, have limited life-time warranty and can be installed with a push button + shut off feature.  
  • Brass burners are presented as 110, 150, 190 and 250K BTU outputs. In order to meet CSA requirements, we ship burners with a reducing orifice to throttle output to 65K. 

Stainless Steel VS Brass: To compare these two types of burners, we need to highlight two main points: material (stainless steel and brass); amount of heat (brass burners have higher BTU therefore the brass produces more heat).

How To Operate a Outdoor Propane Fire Pits


Well, we took great care to create an easy and comfortable way to operate your fire pit. First of all, before using it, make sure that gas or propane flow is open. Then turn the key in a key valve and you’ll hear gas coming out – ignite the fire table with a lighter or a push button. Always maintain a safe distance when lighting a fire pit. It’s not necessary to operate the unit on full capacity, you can adjust the height of the flame with a key. 

Watching flame helps us reduce daily stress and here’s the question raise: for how long then I can run my fire pit? The answer is short: as long as you want. With our best campground gas fire pit there’s no time limits since concrete withstands an extreme fire pressure and burners we offer are high quality. 

The similar maintenance technique you also can apply to our fireplace and mantels.

How To Maintain Outdoor Propane Fire Pits and Gas Fire Tables

Keep your outdoor fire pit functioning exquisitely by following the must-know maintenance tips from DreamCast Design. 

  • Do not place on fire pit top combustible materials such as gasoline, flammable vapors, dry leaves and liquids. It can cause a fire.
  • do not put any other fuel into the fire pit but decorative toppings like lava rocks, riverstones, log sets or fire beads which are rated for use in a gas fire pit. 
  • our fire pits are not intended for cooking meals. Moreover, it can cause damage to the burner. 
  • for cleaning concrete use soap water and sponge. After that, carefully rinse it with soft dry tissue. Sitting water or snow will leave stains afterwards and that’s hard to remove. We always recommend all our clients to cover fire pits from weathering. 
  • to refresh the aesthetic look of the fire pit, we advise you to apply a refresh sealer. Watch our Youtube video on how to clean your fire pit. 

Following these simple rules will help you to keep your fire pit in the top condition. 

Most Popular Choice Among Our Clients

Every so often someone’s review can inspire when you’re in doubt about what works better for your space. So we decided to share the most popular outdoor propane fire table clients’ choices.

Quadra Rectangular Model

Want to achieve an impressive and outstanding look for your terrace? In our clients’ opinion, specifically the Quadra model can bring you such a mood. Outdoor Propane Fire Pits. For spacious outdoor areas feel free to choose the largest 72” standard size (we also can customize the size). This solid model can be a gorgeous addition to your sitting area.

Zen Round Bowl

For some exterior designs, a round ZEN fire bowl is the perfect option to highlight furniture shapes and keep the designer’s idea. Made from concrete with integrated color, it will have an outstanding look for a long period. Our outdoor propane fire table and gas bowls are available in 2 heights 18” and 12” and smaller 34” and larger 36” diameter. This Concrete Sun can burn and produce the heat to 180K BTU, which will be enough to heat people after sunset. 

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