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We always support our clients’ intentions to know more about fire pits and fireplaces with the help of Dreamcast blog. The courage to seek the right answers gives you the ability to evaluate concrete products on a higher level. Your deep interest inspires us to write these articles. First of all, we strive to be honest with our audience and write only proven information so readers who come here will find extended answers. That’s how we rise people’s awareness about concrete products. 


We collect required data from different sources. The main source, without a doubt, is our production studio where we observe and understand the manufacturing process. It’s always teamwork that helps us to find an answer and check its reliability. 


We always double-check on government sites (restrictions, clearance requirements, gas pressure, etc. ) and manufacturers’ guidelines for how much is valid and trustworthy. However, it’s hard to understand some technical terminology. Our blogs are written in a light manner to lead you through the difficulty of choosing the right concrete firepit or mantel. Also, look for our YouTube channel.

Contents How to arrange lava rock on a gas fire pit What are the types and sizes of lava rocks to use?

Contents River stones What are river stones for fire pits made from? Can I just collect rocks by the river and use

Among all types of firepit ignition options starting a manual lit fire pit is the most convenient to use. It is pretty much the same as lighting a regular barbecue!

Contents How to prepare fire pit for winter? Make sure to cover your fire pit for the winter Fire pit maintenance  Contact

Our Britannia Mantel in the first episode of Netflix's DreamHome Makeover with Studio Mcgee looked amazing! Read what they did to achieve the look.

9 Backyard Projects to Complete This SummerApril 12, 2020 by Lexi Klinkenberg As the warm summer weather continues, you may be starting



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