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Spring Clean Your Fire pit

Spring Clean Your Fire pit

As the weather gets warmer, we are now getting ready to enjoy the fresh smell of the outdoors and start working on our gardens and patios. One of the highlights of the spring and summer season is to enjoy our outdoor space, to gather around our concrete firepit, cozying up, sharing some food, some robust Malbec and telling stories. Spring сlean your firepit it’s really necessary.

But before this could all even be possible, Spring time is cleaning time and the beginning of what you would want your outdoor space to look in summer. Prepping includes weeding, planting flowers in your garden, patio washing and getting ready to use your concrete firepit.

Although our concrete firepits are not high maintenance, we recommend the following steps on how to keep your DreamCast firepits look good after a heavy winter.

Below are some tips to get your firepit going…

  • If you cover your firepit during winter, carefully remove the fabric cover and check the unit for grime or mildew. If you didn’t have a cover during winter, proceed to the next step.
  • Wipe the whole surface down with a damp cloth.
  • Remove the media in the center of the unit (lava rock, glass beads…etc.).
  • We recommend vacuuming or sweeping the plate to remove the broken lava rock pieces and other residue that could block the burner ports. 
  • Using the green kitchen pad soaked in warm water, gently scrub the surface clean.
  • If there is build up of mildew, grime, or white mineral streaks make a solution of water and vinegar then scrub the area as needed with the green scrubby.
  • Wipe the unit down with a damp cloth and then wipe dry with a clean cloth
  • We recommend to use our Refresh Sealer to finish off the cleaning process. Wipe it on and then rub it off with a clean dry cloth.  Do not let the Refresh Sealer dry on the concrete. It’ll renew shine and reseal the unit. 
  • Put the lava rock and or other media back on to the burner plate.
  • You are now ready to enjoy your firepit!
lava rock

Note: Wet lava rocks may make some popping noise the first time you light the burner. Stay clear of the unit until the crackling and popping sounds stop. This is water drying out in the rocks. 

CLEANING SUPPLIESWintered firepit. If you had a heavy winter there can be lots of winter grime and minerals come throughScrub the firepit cleanApply Refresh SealerCleaned and refreshed the firepit is ready for the season!

Storing Your Firepit For Winter:

  • We recommend covering the unit during winter.
  • Use a water repellant, acrylic, breathable soft fabric cover to protect it from outside elements and prevent the growth of mildew.
  • For Push Button ignition units, remove the batteries if not in use. This will prevent corrosion inside the power box.
  • For electronic ignition, make sure to turn off the power switch in the unit.
  • For Gas and Propane lit, make sure to disconnect the firepit line from the main source whether from the LP tank or from the main gas line.

We highly recommend to getting our Refresh Sealer for your firepit once a year to apply in the spring. This will not only renew the protective coat on your firepit, reduce the visibility of scratches, but it will also make the firepit look new again!

Have a wonderful Spring.



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