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The Effect of Concrete Fireplace

The Effect of Concrete Fireplace in your Luxury Interior


the effect of concrete fireplace

Besides functionality, fireplaces bring beauty and comfort to your place. Depending on the style of your space, there are few materials that can be used to create a fireplace surround: concrete, steel, stone, brick, and wood. In this article we’ll explore concrete fireplaces and how to achieve a luxurious, pleasing environment using this material. The effect of concrete fireplace in your Luxury Interior is our mail goal.

So, have you already read the latest National Post copy (June 7, 2022)?! If not – then go and grab it from the nearest store. Firstly, we’re proud that the “Luxurious by Intent” article shows our fireplace mantel. By the way, It’s a great example where isabey interiors and her team created the luxurious and cozy design for the dining area by making a French Country concrete fireplace the heart of the space. Small talk with your favorite people or a comfortable rest in front of the mantel will definitely be the best option after a hearty dinner.

Benefits of Having Concrete Mantel(fireplace) at the Dining Area

DURABILITY of a fireplace means its ability to maintain functional and look good without requiring restoration for a long time. As an integral part of your interior, concrete mantel always looks fresh and the color is saturated. In fact, even when the time comes for renovating your place, you may be surprised that your fireplace surround still looks brand-new. 

DESIGN that DreamCast can offer you varies from standard models to custom ones. We’re not afraid of unique projects that inspire our team to be more creative and collaborate with creative people. No matter how crazy or unusual interior design is, there’s always the right choice for you.

INSERT: the main types of fireplace inserts include wood burning, gas and electric. We highly recommend you to make sure that an insert meets all clearance and safety requirements. 

DECORATION with different elements will allow mantel to stand out prominently. What kind of elements?! It depends on your own preferences: vases with flowers, books, family photos, pictures. Traditional components like candle holders can fade into the background, keeping the emphasis on the mantel itself. And it goes without saying that a fireplace is the first place for decoration on Christmas (to put on it Christmas gift socks).

EASY MAINTENANCE for concrete surround means cleaning dust from time to time. But if you go with a wood burning option, you need to pay more attention when cleaning your fireplace in order to avoid stains. And in case some part is suddenly damage, it’s always easy to repair and paint it.

The Effect of Concrete Fireplace


As result, fireplaces give you more opportunities to express yourself than any other interior elements. Whether you choose classic or modern interior style. There are always appropriate fireplace models for you to organize the comfort zone.  If you need guidance on choosing the right fireplace mantel call or email DreamCast to see which of our mantels would be best for you. Our in-house design team will happily help you. The effect of concrete fireplace in your Luxury Interior is our mail goal.

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