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Mantel fireplace

Venezia – Mantel fireplace Inspiration

Concrete fireplace mantel
Venezia Mantel in Moonlight Old World
Mantel fireplace inspiration

Venice History 
Venice is an extraordinary city well known for its rich history, opulence in arts, astounding architecture and ingenious innovations. The city is emblematic of dazzling romantic imagery as typified by the rowing scenes of Gondola ride coasting along the water canals, availing the pleasure of the magnificent views portrayed in hundreds of Hollywood movies.
Venice is composed of 118 small islands, situated in the Veneto Region of Northeastern Italy, and it solely relies on canals, waterways channels and bridges. To this day, thoroughfares are only accessible either by boat or by walking through its countless twisted streets and crossing small footbridges.

The city, in the middle of a lagoon has a challenging landscape and would have not been habitable if not for the brilliant minds of the Venetian people. Their ingenuity propelled the construction of building structures above water. They used thousands of wood pilings of about 60 feet, driven to the bottom of the lagoon that reached past the silt and dirt until it hit the sturdy hard clay that could hold the weight of the structure piled above it.

Mantel fireplace inspiration

However, with the proliferation of building structures, the weight of the city pushed it down deeper into the mud forcing the water out and compressing the soil. This distinctive occurrence has combined forces with the tide movement of Mother Earth and causes cyclical flooding. This phenomenon is what makes Venice well known to date as “The Floating City”.

Mantel fireplace inspiration

Piazza San Marco

The exuberance and luxuriance of the architectural elements around Piazza San Marco was perpetually inspiring! As the largest square in the city, it is the main location where important government buildings are located and was the central hub for the goings on around the city. It was laid originally in front of St. Mark’s Basilica, a small chapel that was inside the complex of the infamous Doge’s Palace.

​St. Mark’s Basilica is aptly named the “Church of Gold” for its extravagance and grandiosity.

The Doge’s Palace

The Doge’s Palace built in a Venetian Gothic style is considered a masterpiece.  The architectural style was influenced by Islamic and Byzantine Architecture. The combined influences of these architectural marvels are symbolic of the Palace’s richness and grandeur.
Doge’s Palace, also known as Palazzo Ducale has the most intricate and unparalleled interior woodwork! Their use of gilded woodworking significantly elevated their status in the society as the splendor of gold paintings deliberately impressing upon an image of wealth and their status in the upper echelon.

Mantel fireplace inspiration
Concrete fireplace mantel

As much as Venice is surrounded by water, their fear from time immemorial has always been fire. Since wood is what the buildings were made of, it was a necessity to come up with a solution wherein they could safely use fire inside their homes. That is when they thought of building hearths, chimneys and fireplaces. With the Venetians’ unprecedented love for grand style, they took advantage of the use of fireplaces to flaunt their great wealth and fortune. Their fireplaces were designed bearing a status symbol and built massive for a more imposing effect. They are so big that it could stable a horse! The fireplaces were lavishly embellished with detailed artwork, including family crests. They needed a more visible place to exhibit their glorified power and having an extended mantel with hood, fully ornate, above the fireplace featured all of that.

These ageless mantels became the inspiration behind our Venezia fireplace mantel.
The Venezia is a classical chimneypiece with an overmantel design that is both graceful and elegant in style. The profile has layers of attributes to keep the classical fireplace mantel design interesting within the picture frame style. Although inspired by the exquisite mantel designs at the Palazzo Ducale, the Venezia is conceptualized with current style in mind. It is perfect for all types of living spaces but perhaps a little more partial toward traditional interior designs. The Venezia has an absolute commanding presence yet subtle enough to be the centerpiece in today’s homes. The height of this mantel is also adjustable to accommodate most fireplace inserts.
Would you like a bespoke mantel that echoes classic style and royalty? If a timeless and luxurious mantel design is your goal, then you would love our Venezia mantel. To achieve that classical elegance, add a hearth to complete the look.  ​

Concrete fireplace mantel

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