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Introducing the new color to our palette

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Introducing the new ICE WHITE colour to our palette!

Do you love the feel of a winter wonderland? If so, consider choosing your fireplace in Ice White colour. This cool, neutral shade will give any room a peaceful and relaxing feel. You asked and we deliver! Introducing the new color to our palette!
From the first look, Ice White looks completely white. But if you place snow on a white surface, you may notice it’s slightly grey. You should know that when considering Ice White mantel for a white Interior, it’s similar effect. Do not forget that white colours have different shades.

You asked and we deliver! Introducing the new color to our palette!

Fireplace Style Tips

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What you should know when choosing Ice White for your mantel

WALL COLOR of the room where you’re going to install the mantel. First of all, try to combine possible hues of your wall and interior elements and see how it looks together. Also, we can offer the full colour samples kit to help you decide on a colour. When you see a sample in real life, it’s much easier to make the right decision. You asked and we deliver! Introducing the new color to our palette!

FINISHING may also reflect on the result. Ice White will look different in Old World, Limestone or Smooth texture. If you’re striving to achieve a timeless look in your room, then Old World will be the perfect finishing option. For more modern design Smooth or Limestone are more appropriate ways to achieve harmony.

You asked and we deliver! Introducing the new color to our palette!

INTERIOR ELEMENTS (furniture, decorative things, etc.), their style and colours may also play perfectly with the mantel in ice-white or do the opposite and take all attention away from the fireplace. Although white has been used as a popular colour for walls and ceilings in interior design for many years, it is now being seen in other areas of the home such as furniture, flooring and accessories. If you are considering using this colour in your interior, be sure to take into account the type of effect you want to achieve. White can create a sense of space and brightness in a room or it can be used to create a more subtle and calming atmosphere.

We are always happy to give some tips regarding designing your area. Our professional team can assist you in choosing between Ice White or a more subtle shade of white alternative. Watch more useful videos on our YouTube channel.

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