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DreamCast Design’s Instagram Zen34 Firepit Giveaway contest starts on Feb/07/2020 until Feb/13/2020 (12:00AM).
To enter in this contest visit @dreamcastdesign Instagram account.

Terms and conditions apply. If you are participating in this contest please download giveaway contest agreement file.

About Zen 34

As the happy owner of this fire bowl be confident you won a fabulous prize! Round Zen 34  is an energy-efficient, design-driven fire pit and it delivers high BTU performance. Moreover, Zen fire pit burners (60K, 120K, or 180K BTUs) are manufactured with a superior engineering approach, ensuring stable, adjustable flame and premium quality for each item.

You got your Zen 34

Let’s find the best place for this!

The perfect Round Shape of the Zen bowl is a symbol of the Sun, the Universe, and represents perfection: the infinite, timeless, and whole. The circle with the fire inside is even more sacral so choose the location for the fire bowl wisely. Feel optimistic with cheerful pieces like fire glass, beads, and log sets that you can always add to your fire bowl. 

– as the center of the sitting area a Zen unites people around and creates a relaxing atmosphere that urges people to be comfortable. Also, look through our social media for trend photos to get some vibrant ideas for organizing a sitting space. From concrete brenches around the fire bowl to a cozy sofa 2 steps away from the unit – both options work great with the Zen 34 fire bowl model; 

– as a decorating fire feature for the swimming pool a Zen fire bowl can be located in an appropriate area;

– as a space divider one or more fire bowls can be placed in the area that needs to be separated. For example, the outdoor kitchen area may be separated from the swimming and relaxing area by combining dividers and fire pits. 

Combining luxury with high quality, and art with technology, DreamCast Design creates round fire bowls as an icon of contemporary life. The versatile miix of neutral hues that is available in our concrete fire bowls turns these functional fire pits into glorious features in your backyard. Sit back and relax in front of the fire pit, designed to look effortlessly elegant with warm comfort.  

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