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Backyard Fire Pits
in San Diego, California

Benefits of having a Fire Pit

in your backyard

Having a fire pit in your backyard offers numerous benefits, enhancing your outdoor space in various ways.

Firstly, it creates a warm and inviting ambiance, instantly transforming your backyard into a cozy retreat. The flickering flames and crackling sound provide a calming atmosphere, perfect for relaxation and unwinding after a long day.

Additionally, a fire pit serves as a natural focal point, encouraging socialization and providing a gathering spot for friends and family. It facilitates intimate conversations, story-sharing, and quality bonding time.

The mesmerizing glow of the fire fosters a sense of togetherness, making it a perfect setting for memorable gatherings and creating lasting connections with your loved ones.

Outdoor Lifestyle in

San Diego

San Diego’s outdoor lifestyle exudes a unique charm that makes a backyard fire pit a coveted addition. With its mild climate and breathtaking scenery, San Diego encourages outdoor living year-round.

The city’s laid-back vibe and love for nature create an atmosphere where gathering outdoors becomes a way of life.

A fire pit perfectly complements this lifestyle, offering a cozy sanctuary for cool evenings. It transforms any backyard into a haven, where San Diego residents can continue enjoying their outdoor spaces, fostering connections and making cherished memories under the stars.

Choosing the Right

Backyard Fire Pit

Fuel types of fire pits

When it comes to fire pits, there are various types catering to diverse preferences and needs.

Gas fire pits, connected to a natural gas line, offer convenience and consistent flames, making them hassle-free and eco-friendly.

Propane fire pits, on the other hand, provide flexibility, allowing placement anywhere in the backyard without the need for a permanent gas line. They offer portability and easy control, making them ideal for those who appreciate versatility. Both options come in a wide range of designs, materials, and sizes, ensuring there’s a perfect fit for every outdoor space.

Fire pit size and design options

Choosing the right fire pit size and design is crucial to harmonize with San Diego’s outdoor aesthetics. A thoughtfully selected fire pit should seamlessly integrate into the landscape, enhancing the natural beauty of the surroundings.

Opting for a size that suits the available space ensures a balanced look and comfortable seating arrangement.

Additionally, considering the design elements, such as the material, color, and style, allows homeowners to align the fire pit with San Diego’s coastal charm or desert allure.

A well-chosen fire pit becomes a stylish focal point, adding to the allure of San Diego’s outdoor living spaces.

Popular Styles and Designs

Concrete Fire Pits

Rectangular Fire Tables

DreamCast QUADRA and LINEA fire tables are the two most popular fire table designs in our fire pit collection. Linea’s long line of modern fire creates a stunning visual display and still keeps a comfortable 5″ of table space all around while Quadra provides both ample table space for entertainment and a cozy ambiance

Round Fire Pits

ZEN and AURA are the favourite fire bowl styles chosen by the majority of our clients. Concrete fire bowl is the perfect addition to modern landscapes, creating an instant intimate gathering space. 

Safety Considerations

Local Regulations in San Diego

When installing a fire pit in San Diego, prioritizing safety and adhering to local regulations is crucial. Homeowners must be aware of clearances from structures, trees, and overhead elements to prevent potential hazards. Local regulations, often imposed to ensure community safety, dictate proper installation distances and the type of fuel permitted. San Diego, with its dry climate, emphasizes fire safety, making it essential to use spark screens and fire-resistant materials. Understanding and following these regulations not only ensures a secure environment but also fosters a responsible and considerate outdoor experience for both homeowners and their neighbors.

Check out the following link for more information:

Recreational Fires | Fire-Rescue Department – City of San Diego

Tips on

Seating Arrangement

When arranging seating around your fire pit for social gatherings, prioritize comfort and conversation.

Opt for cushioned outdoor furniture or weather-resistant materials that are cozy and inviting.

Arrange the seating in a circular or semi-circular fashion, ensuring everyone has a clear view of the fire. Include options like benches, poufs, or even outdoor rugs for a relaxed atmosphere.

Add extra throws and pillows for warmth and ambiance, encouraging guests to linger and enjoy the cozy setting.

More Inspiration

San Diego Projects

Point Loma, San Diego


DreamCast had a chance to work on a concrete fire table project in Point Loma, San Diego, California. The product we used for this project is LINEA 72, one of the best-selling fire tables in our firepit collection.

La Jolla, San Diego


Another project DreamCast has completed was in La Jolla. For this project, the fire pit our client selected to transform their outdoor swimming pool was QUADRA 72, our most popular fire table design.

buying a new concrete fire pit

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Make Your Dream Space Happen

Other projects in California

Over the years, DreamCast has had the opportunity to work on various projects all over California, not only in San Diego.

We have recently finished a Zen 36 Fire Bowl project in The Duboce Triangle, San Francisco, and a Libra 48 Fire Table project in Hollywood Dell, Los Angeles.

Handling & Delivery

It is recommended that you choose a concrete firepit that is engineered with proper weight distribution. This way, you can place it on your deck or move it around your patio via a two-man lift. Don’t forget about this when you are buying a new concrete firepit.

Consider how your new concrete firepit will be delivered and installed. Will it be shipped securely? You may need help with set-up if the desired location is hard to access. If you are purchasing a gas or propane fire pit, you may require the services of a gas fitter to safely connect the appliance. 

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