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Outdoor Fire Pits
in San Jose, California

San Jose's

pleasant climate

San Jose’s delightful climate creates the perfect backdrop for outdoor activities, especially fire pit gatherings.

With mild, sunny days and comfortably cool evenings, residents and visitors can enjoy the warmth of a fire pit year-round. The city’s moderate temperatures make it inviting for socializing outdoors, fostering a sense of community as people gather around crackling fires, creating memorable moments under the starlit skies.

Socializing and Relaxation

Outdoor Fire Pits

Outdoor fire pits serve as focal points for socializing, offering a cozy ambiance that enhances gatherings with family and friends.

They create a warm, inviting atmosphere, encouraging relaxation and meaningful conversations. The flickering flames provide a sense of comfort and intimacy, making them perfect for unwinding after a long day or hosting memorable events.

Fire pits transform outdoor spaces into tranquil retreats, enriching the overall outdoor experience.

Types of

Concrete Fire Pits

Gas Fire Pits


  • Convenience: Gas fire pits are easy to ignite and control with a simple flip of a switch or turn of a knob.
  • Clean Burning: They produce minimal smoke and ash, creating a cleaner and more comfortable environment for outdoor gatherings.
  • Lower Operating Costs: Generally, natural gas is cheaper than propane, making it more cost-effective for long-term use.
  • Continuous Supply: As long as there’s a natural gas supply line, gas fire pits can operate indefinitely without the need for refills.
  • Low Maintenance: Gas fire pits require less maintenance compared to wood-burning pits, as there are no ashes or debris to clean up.


  • Initial Installation Costs: Gas fire pits often require professional installation, which can be more expensive upfront.
  • Limited Portability: They are usually fixed in one location due to the need for a gas line connection.
  • Dependency on Gas Supply: If there’s a disruption in the natural gas supply, the fire pit won’t function.

Propane Fire Pits


  • Portability: Propane fire pits are portable and can be moved around the outdoor space as needed, offering flexibility in arrangement.
  • Easy Installation: They require minimal installation, usually involving connecting a propane tank.
  • No Need for a Gas Line: Propane fire pits don’t rely on a natural gas supply, making them suitable for areas without a gas line connection.
  • Adjustable Flame: Like gas fire pits, propane versions allow easy control over the flame’s intensity.


  • Refill Dependency: Propane fire pits require regular refills of propane tanks, which can be an ongoing cost and inconvenience.
  • Higher Operating Costs: Propane is often more expensive than natural gas, leading to higher operational expenses over time
  • Environmental Impact: Propane is a non-renewable fossil fuel, contributing to carbon emissions and environmental concerns.

Popular Styles and Designs

Backyard Fire Pits

Round Fire Pit Bowls

With basin shape, our Zen fire bowl is ideal for bringing light to the coziest corners of your outdoor living space. This fire feature is most functional for intimate environments. It is the perfect centerpiece for bringing family and friends close together.

Fire Pit Tables

DreamCast fire tables enhance any outdoor living space with their striking modern design. If you want a square fire pit, ELEMENT would be the perfect choice. DreamCast also has rectangular fire tables, QUADRA and LINEA. Both designs are the best selling ones in our fire pit collection.

Safety Tips for Using

Outdoor Fire Pits

Distance from Flammable Materials

Place the fire pit at least 10 feet away from any structures, trees, or flammable materials to prevent accidental fires.

Flat Surface

Ensure the fire pit is placed on a stable and flat surface, away from slopes or uneven ground, to prevent tipping over.

Wind Consideration

Be mindful of wind direction and strength. Position the fire pit on the leeward side to prevent sparks and embers from spreading.

Clear Surroundings

Clear the area around the fire pit of dry leaves, grass, and debris, reducing the risk of accidental ignition.

It is important to follow local regulations and guidelines for fire pit usage in San Jose. Check the following links for more information:

Fire Prevention & Permits | City of San José

Creating the Perfect

Outdoor Fire Pit Area

Designing a Cozy Atmosphere

Seating Options

Opt for comfortable outdoor seating such as cushioned chairs, benches, or even built-in stone seating around the fire pit. Arrange the seating in a circular or semi-circular layout to encourage conversation and enhance the sense of intimacy.


Illuminate the area with a variety of lighting options, including string lights, lanterns, or strategically placed solar-powered garden lights. These additions create a warm, ambient glow, making the space inviting even after dark.


Enhance the area with decorative elements like throw pillows, blankets, and outdoor rugs. Consider incorporating a coffee table or fire pit surround made of heat-resistant materials like stone or metal, providing a convenient surface for drinks and snacks.

Choosing Durable Furniture and Accessories

Weather-Resistant Furniture

Select furniture made from materials designed to withstand outdoor conditions, such as teak, wrought iron, or weather-resistant wicker. These materials resist moisture and are less prone to damage from sun exposure.

Storage Solutions

Invest in outdoor storage solutions like deck boxes or benches with hidden compartments to store cushions, blankets, and other accessories when they’re not in use. This protects them from the elements and prolongs their lifespan.

Fire Pit Accessories

Consider fire pit covers to protect the pit from rain and debris when not in use. Additionally, tools like fire pit pokers and tongs are handy for managing the fire safely.


More Inspiration

California Projects

The Duboce Triangle, San Francisco


DreamCast had a chance to work with Knibb Design to finish a concrete fire bowl in The Duboce Triangle, San Francisco. The product we used for this project is ZEN 36, the best selling fire bowl in our firepit collection.

Point Loma, San Diego


DreamCast had a chance to work on a concrete fire table project in Point Loma, San Diego, California. The product we used for this project is LINEA 72, one of the best-selling fire tables in our firepit collection.

buying a new concrete fire pit

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Handling & Delivery

It is recommended that you choose a concrete firepit that is engineered with proper weight distribution. This way, you can place it on your deck or move it around your patio via a two-man lift. Don’t forget about this when you are buying a new concrete firepit.

Consider how your new concrete firepit will be delivered and installed. Will it be shipped securely? You may need help with set-up if the desired location is hard to access. If you are purchasing a gas or propane fire pit, you may require the services of a gas fitter to safely connect the appliance. 

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