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How to arrange lava rock on a gas fire pit?


how to arrange lava rock on a gas fire pit

  In this article, we will be focusing on the type and sizes of lava rocks you can use, how to arrange your lava rock on your gas fire pit, how you can maintain your lava rocks, and how to set up your lava rock with crossfire burner nozzles.

Lava rocks are naturally created when volcanic magma deep underneath the earth rises to the surface, cools off and solidifies. Basalt rock is a generic term for volcanic rock, including lava rock that you use in your fire pit. Lava rock is considered durable, safe and of course, will make your fire pit look beautiful. Since lava rock is very porous, it allows more airflow to your burner which help distribute heat evenly and give you a richer flame.

What are the Types and Sizes of Lava Rocks to Use?

All lava rocks is considered good for fire pits, they come in red, and black lava rocks with the option to have either color rolled/tumbled for a refined look.  There is no grey lava.  This is a common misconception. Black lava looks grey with use. 

Top 3 Questions:​

#1 What are the dangers of using lava rock in a fire pit?

The most important thing to make sure when operating your fire pit is that the lava rock is thoroughly dry before you light them. Otherwise, rapidly heating the rocks can cause them to pop and jump out of the firepit.

#2 How do you know when your fire pit is safe to use after rain? 

Wet lava makes a crackling sounds as it dries. Simply run the fire pit for a few minutes until the crackling stops. 

#3 What Size of Lava Rock Should I use in a Fire pit?

When it comes to what size you should use, your lava rock needs to be larger than half an inch. Gas fire pits have pots and you do not want the smaller pieces or dust to block the fire pit pot. 

How do you arrange lava rock on a gas fire pit?​

When arranging your lava rocks on your gas fire pit, regardless if it is a fire
bowl or a fire table, you need to be gentle. Be aware that there is an accumulation of dust in the rocks due to how they
were sourced, so don’t just dump all of it into your gas fire pit. Dust and little pieces from the lava rock will block the jet, and this will prevent the flames from coming out thus reducing the performance of your fire pit. 

Another way to avoid dust is to rinse your lava rock to remove the unwanted dust, allow a few hours to dry, when it is clean, you then arrange them into the fire pit.

how to arrange lava rock on a gas
Lava rock with visible crossfire jets

If your burner is the type that is meant to be fully covered with lava rock, it should be no more than half an inch below the lava rock.

If you have the crossfire burner with jets they need to be left exposed or you can position the lava rock in a way that the air intake on the side of the jet is unobstructed.

Check out the video below to watch Catherine from DreamCast place Lava Rock and other media on our Quadra Fire Table that features a brass burner. Look more useful video on our YouTube channel.

How do you maintain lava rock in a fire pit?​

Lava rocks are low maintenance and last for 3+ years  depending on how often you use your fire pit. However, regularly moving lava rock around can shorten its life span as it may cause it break into smaller pieces.

As mentioned earlier lava rock will break down with use creating a dust which will settle into the burner pan. We recommend that at the start of each season you remove the lava rock and vacuum or sweep the dust that has accumulated, and vacuum the burner as well to make sure the gas ports stay clear. Then put back the lava rock for continued use.  Always cover your fire pit when it is not in use.

Now that you know how to arrange your lava rocks into your gas fire pits, you can now enjoy the beauty of your gas fire pit with a full rich flame!

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