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Building Restoration

DreamCast’s production facility and experience allows us to re-create and restore masonry and stonework for building restoration. With colour and finish matching, mould-making and casting all done in-house we are well suited to assist your restoration project

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Building restorations

DreamCast Design has completed repairs and restoration since 2007. Our production experience and artisan’s skill allows us to re-create and restore masonry and stonework for building restoration. We’re striving to match the finishing, color and original style in order to give old buildings a fresh look.

Most old buildings are made from concrete, considered one of the most durable materials, but porous at the same time. Small and barely noticeable pores allow air and moisture to get inside and cause damage to concrete and rebar. If rebars don’t have a sufficient layer of concrete to protect the steel, the moisture will slowly destroy the steel. Concrete is also brittle, although it’s strong, which means concrete elements can chip or break from a direct hit. Performing an effective restoration program to prolong the life of a concrete building is much more reasonable and helps save money. DreamCast Design team has a strong understanding of new technologies and maintenance programs that help us to perform high-quality work.

building restoration

How to repair concrete?

Typically, the repairing process starts by identifying problematic spots and determining what needs to be done. To define hollow areas we use a hammer, then chip out those areas, clean them properly, remove all rust and fill it with fresh concrete. To protect from weathering, we apply concrete seaer. This procedure is essential when it comes to constructions that are located in wet conditions such as bridge curbs, piers, and railings.

At DreamCast Design we offer not only repairing concrete walls but also decorations and transformations with concrete elements. Our Concrete Repairing Services imply any restoring, replacing or additional decorating of concrete surfaces.

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