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Fireplace Panels
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Transform a fireplace into a paneled wall feature. Our concrete panels are available in custom wide formats for a unique style.

A floating mantel or hearth is the perfect functional accent, or combine with one of our Fireplace Surrounds for a stunning feature wall.

Our wide format tiles also make a beautiful wall cladding to transform a space.

Call us or fill out the form on our contact page to book a site visit or discuss your wall space. We will be happy to work with you or your design professional to find a suitable style.

Benefits of concrete wall panels

Renowned for durability and longevity, concrete wall panels ensure robust structural integrity, resisting wear and weathering over time. Cost-effectiveness is a prominent advantage, as the swift installation process and minimal maintenance requirements contribute to overall project savings. 

Their versatility in design facilitates creative applications in both residential and commercial projects, offering aesthetic appeal without compromising strength. With a combination of strength, efficiency, and eco-consciousness, concrete wall panels stand as a formidable choice in modern construction.

Order With Confidence

We had such a great experience using Dreamcast to design our fireplace surround. This was our first time ordering a surround and so, we had many questions and details to work out. Catherine and her team were so helpful and our surround is definitely the centerpiece of our room!
– Emily, Massachusetts, Google Review

Why concrete wall panels?

Durability and Longevity

Concrete wall panels are renowned for their robustness and extended lifespan. Resistant to wear, tear, and weathering, these panels ensure lasting structural integrity and minimal maintenance requirements.


Offering a cost-effective solution, concrete wall panels reduce overall project expenses. Their swift installation process and minimal maintenance needs contribute to a budget-friendly choice for builders and developers.

Environmental Sustainability

Concrete wall panels are environmentally friendly due to their composition, which often includes recycled materials. Additionally, their energy-efficient properties contribute to sustainable construction practices, aligning with modern environmental standards and reducing the overall ecological impact of building projects.


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Contractor Kenny Gemmill used DreamCast Concrete Panels and a custom Hearth with built-in wood storage for his stunning new home. Check out the build, featured in Jillian Harris' Blog
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DreamCast Concrete Panels with integrated reveals are featured on HGTV's Worst To First (season 2, episode 7). Check out the clip on our YouTube channel and look out for DreamCast on HGTV.
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DreamCast Concrete Panels and a Floating Mantel are a centerpiece in this open concept living space. Check out a video of the build by GoldCon Construction on our YouTube channel.
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