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Concrete Surrounds and Mantels

We offer a variety of standard designs to suit modern and traditional spaces. Certain models are available in adjustable heights and widths. Further customization might be available, depending on site requirements. If you are unsure whether a design will fit your space please contact us and we will be happy to assist. Fully custom mantels work is also available.

Also, take a look for other ideas with our large format Concrete Panels.

Click the image of a model to view details for that particular design.

Fireplace Surround Installation

DreamCast Concrete Fireplace Surrounds are designed to be easily installed in just a few steps. 

They can be handled by a range of people from carpenters, masons, tile setters, general contractors and home owners with the proper tools and some DIY skills.

Head over to our installation page for a run-down . 

Concrete Fireplace Surrounds and Mantels

We cast our standard models keeping the small details in mind, ensuring they will add beauty to your space. All of our concrete mantel pieces are cast hollow inside to reduce weight, making the installation process easier and for no extra reinforcement requirements for the wall or floor. What is a mantel? The mantel by itself is a decorative concrete frame around the insert. Depending on the mantel design you choose your room acquires individual character and the experience of sitting by the fire is so much more enjoyable when the overall aesthetic sings to you.

Why is concrete a good material for fireplace surround?

  • concrete is a non-combustible material, and is proven to stand high temperatures, which makes it a perfect option for fireplace surrounds (especially for gas and wood-burning inserts);
  • flexible in design. At the initial stage of casting, we can use different moulds to create unique designs for the mantel. Except for existing standard models, we also give freedom to our customers to develop their own style;
  • Easy maintenance! DreamCast concrete is sealed at time of shipping, to repeal grease (fingerprints) and other grime. Although the material is integrally colored you can choose to paint your mantel years down the road if you want to do a renovation for a new look!

Thank you for your interest in our luxury concrete products!

Download your Mantel Lookbook

Get Inspired To Create Your Perfect Luxury Living Space

Download your Mantel Lookbook

Get Inspired To Create Your Perfect Luxury Living Space

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