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A Team of Fire Pit Experts

DreamCast is a team of experienced artisans with the skill to create a custom firepits to fulfill your vision. 
Whether it is a larger version of one of our standard designs or something completely unique we can make it happen. We also manufacture fireplaces, counters and furniture to complete your outdoor living space.

Our well established production facility allows us to offer competitive pricing and accelerated lead times on a range of projects.

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Transform your living space with custom fire pits

Today, organizing an outdoor entertainment area is at the top of almost all homeowner’s Wish List. This is a place meant to be used for relaxation, enjoyment and quality time either to decompress by yourself, or bring the family together. As such, the backyard has to be useful, cozy and attractive, as any other outdoor living space. A few essential elements such as water features, greenery, and mesmerizing fire turn your deck into a garden retreat. Speaking of fire, custom concrete fire pits can serve as an area divider or as a heating source central in your outdoor space design. 

If there is no suitable option among standard fire pits models, then our team can offer customization service to tailor a fire pit or fire table to your needs.

Steps to build your perfect fire pit

DETERMINE THE PURPOSE whether it’s more decorative or practical (to heat people around)? Once identified, you have to choose the BTU option: lower BTU (from 50K to 65K) provides less heat in comparison with higher BTU (from 110K to 250K). This measure may change depending on the fire pit model.

DECIDE ON A SHAPE first. There are plenty of sources for inspiration such as Pinterest, design magazines, and our portfolio on Instagram where clients share their implemented ideas. Feel free to grab any of those or tell us about your preferences so we can help you.

TAKE MEASUREMENTS and calculate the exact dimensions for your custom model. It will allow us to start the casting process immediately. 

CHOOSE THE COLOR that matches your style best. Usually, using color patterns, 3D visualization can help you to decide on a more suitable hue. Also, you can order color samples from us to see what shade fits your environment. 

Depending on the scope of your project, you may also require preliminary consultation from one of our specialists to be sure that your area can meet safety standards: clearance (from the fire pit to the combustible overhead), gas pressure, and deck weight capacity.

custom firepits


Need help on choosing a custom or standard fire pit? Read our Patio Guide or set-up a consult with our interior design team.

Concrete fire pits


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