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What Is The Best Fire Pit Burners?


What is the Best Gas Fire Pit Burner?

Once you have decided on a fire pit style another question arises. What kind of heat output do you need? In this article, we’ll talk about various types of burners that can be used with our fire pits, along with their important characteristics.  At the moment, there are 3 outdoor fire pit burner options that are compatible with DreamCast Design concrete fire pits: brass, stainless steel and ethanol. 

What is Brass Jet Burner?

Our brass jet burners that are made in the USA are reliable and trustworthy as the best fire pit burners for our fire tables. Innovative nozzles produce a taller flame that resembles a natural wood-burning fire. The patented technology of the Venturi Jet allows oxygen to penetrate into the jet chambers at a high speed and as result, the oxygen and gas blend shoot out of the nozzles producing saturated flames. 


  • Lifetime Warranty
  • Ability to produce a high heat output from 55K to 270K;
  • Natural Gas / Propane
  • Burners meet AINSI requirements (all burners with BTU’s higher than 65K ship with a reducing orifice in Canada, a part that reduces the gas to 65K BTU)
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What is a stainless steel burner?

For clients who prefer a more decorative flame or need to meet certain safety requirements, we recommend our stainless steel burners, also manufactured in the USA. This product is made from 304 stainless steel and all burners are CSA-approved with most limited at 65K, unless you purchase with a flame sene push button. 


  • Lifetime Warranty
  • CSA certified; 
  • Offers a sense flame shut-off push button; 
  • Can be installed with Electronic Ignition system;
  • Natural Gas / Propane
  • Lower clearance requirements to overhead combustibles

What is an Ethanol Burner?

The main distinctive point of an ethanol burner from the mentioned above types is using a renewable natural resource as a fuel (corn, grains, beets, etc). However, the heat output that you get from an ethanol burner is usually lower than it’s counterpart fuels (natural gas, propane). Our ethanol burners offer outdoor and indoor best fire pit burners that we found perfectly fit our concrete products. 


  • Safe for windy areas (if the wind blows out the flame there is no risk of exposure, unlike with natural gas that requires a glass barrier);
  • No smoke or pollution; 
  • Easy to install without a professional
  • Can easily move the fire pit to another location

Ultimately there is no best burner we can point to. It would be right to say that for every space we can recommend the best option considering details of your area, such as area restrictions, residence type, and the client’s own preferences. We advise you to look at the table below when you need to make a decision that involves multiple characteristics of burners.

Available burners for our fire pits


Brass Burner

Stainless Steel Burner




60K to 250K (higher BTU for custom models is available)

50K to 65K

(higher BTU for custom models is available)

15K to 60K



Stainless steel

Stainless steel


Lifetime warranty


5 years


Meets AINSI requirements

CSA approved

CSA approved

Country of Manufacture





Gas line or Propane line/tank

Gas line or Propane line/tank

No connections required


Professional gas fitter

Professional gas fitter


Burning time 

Unlimited (NG)

Limited (Propane)

Unlimited (NG)

Limited (Propane)

Limited depending on burner fuel capacity (1L fuel = 1 hour burning)

Remote control Options

Electronic Ignition + remote keychain 

Electronic Ignition + remote keychain 

Remote control 

(for smart burners)

Choosing the best heat output

First things first, ask your gas fitter how much BTU do you have available or you can have available. If you don’t have any area restrictions you easily go with the best fire pit burners with higher BTU output that will give you more saturated flame and at the same time will heat people around.  

What you should know when choosing heat output: 

  • Restrictions. Please check carefully your area restrictions. For some provinces or states, you cannot go higher than 65K BTU on a manual lit unit. Also, for commercial properties, there are safety requirements that you must meet (restriction to controls, timers, etc.). When installing a fire pit under a combustible overhead, make sure to keep 8-10 feet safe distance (depending on model) from the top of the fire pit to the roof;
  • Depending on where you’re going to place a fire table – in the center of the sitting area or above the pool – set the purpose this unit will be used for. For decorative goals, like room dividers or additional exterior elements in the area, the lower output will be more practical. When it comes to the sitting area, you’ll definitely need the best fire pit burner that can provide you with more heat.

Choosing fuel type

One of the significant characteristics of a fuel is its heating value. It is the amount of energy that is released when the fuel is burning.  It will be right to consider all fuel types as alternative sources of energy and flame: 

Natural Gas

Obviously, having a gas line linked to your property automatically excludes the problem of choosing a fuel type. Gas is a natural source that already prioritizes outdoor fireplace gas burner and makes them the best choice. See available gas fire pits option here.

Propane (portable tank or hard piped line)

Runs a hotter flame, in other senses, the height and the saturation are almost the same as it’s with natural gas. Propane is the best choice for owners who don’t have a gas line in their area and use propane as the main fuel source to light appliances. 

Note: with the portable propane tank you can’t go higher than 180K BTU. Make sure for all burners higher than 180K BTU it’s either Propane line or regulator with the high capacity.


Is meant to be the best eco-friendly renewable energy source. Although it won’t give you such amount of heat as natural gas or propane, an ethanol burner is the safe best fire pit burner and produces fewer pollution elements when it’s burning.

Choosing Burner Style

At DreamCast we offer 3 types of fire pits: round fire bowls, rectangular fire tables, and square fire bowls. Taking into account these forms and insert dimensions, we can tell you what kind of burner for outdoor fire pit are compatible with the fire pit: 

  • Round fire bowls (Zen, Aura, Lotus) and some square models like Element and Libra have a circular opening. All stainless and ethanol burners are round forms and fit to openings. As for brass burners, a round metal plate goes first and a brass burner should be affixed to it.
Stainless round burner
Stainless round burner
Ethanol Round Burner
Ethanol round burner
best fire pit burners
Brass Burner for Round
  • Rectangular models (Phantom, Linea, Quadra) have appropriate openings. For all these types we offer linear burners. brass burner has a different amount of nozzles depending on the heat output while stainless and ethanol burner just need to match the opening size.
best burner for fire pit
Linear burner
Trough burner fire pit
Trough burner
Ethanol fire pit burner
Ethanol burner

Note to the best fire pit burners

Make sure you have at least 6” space between the burner and the concrete in order to avoid hairline cracks on the concrete surface. 

To conclude, it’s very important to pick the right outdoor fire pit burner. This article contains useful that can guide you through the process of choosing a burner for the fire pit. Still unsure how to make a decision? You can give us a call or an email and we’ll be happy to help guide you!

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