We cast our concrete products with an engineered cavity to make installation easier and give more flexibility for design options.
DreamCast has also developed a metal application technique to make bronze (and many other metals) sculptural products without the cost of a foundry.

We work with a large collection of materials including:

  • Concrete
  • Plastics and composites
  • Applied and coldcast metals (bronze, copper, zinc, ect.)

Custon Project Creation
Custom projects follow three steps to ensure that our customers receive their products as per the original design. Each stage undergoes rigorous quality control to stay within budget and deliver on time.

Step 1: Design/Shop Drawings

Step 2: Prototype, tooling

Step 3: Production

DreamCast does its best to provide a comfortable working atmosphere, as communication is key to a succesful project. We also welcome visits to view progress – it’s always exciting to see projects be rendered into something real and tangible.

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