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Firepit Colours

DreamCast Fire Pit Colours are available in 10 shades. 
All our concrete colours are integral. This means the pigment is mixed throughout the concrete for a quality, UV stable hue.  
Plus, some of our lighter colours are made without any pigment at all for rich, organic tones.
Note that there is natural colour variation within concrete, and no two pieces are exactly alike.
This gives the material a unique living quality. 
All DreamCast concrete fire pits are sealed with a satin finish, UV stable, exterior concrete sealer.
Please use the image below as a guide, and request a colour sample for final selection.



London Fog








Fire Pit Colours

Colors combine a space and deliver atmosphere. DreamCast offers Fire Pit Colours that are deep natural hues which carry concrete’s inherent tactility and speak of the materials organic aesthetic. These  8 standard colours can help to deliver your visual statement of a space by easily marrying into many popular color combinations. Colour is more than just the visual perceptual property – it’s a unique emotional language for each person and a primary tool for designers when designing living spaces.

How do we colour our products?

All our concrete colours are integral. This means the colour pigment is mixed throughout the concrete for a quality, UV-stable hue. Additionally, some of our lighter colours are made without any pigment at all for achieving rich, organic tones. To make fire pits’ colour more sustainable and saturated, we seal them with an exterior concrete sealer.

The right colour creates the right response

When choosing a colour for your concrete unit, pay attention to the whole colour palette. You can get the extended representation of available colours on our website, by ordering a colour samples kit or by watching our social media (there are always examples of how units in a particular colour look in the real life). Watch more useful videos on our YouTube channel. 

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