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choosing a fire pit

Choosing a fire pit – Linea or Quadra?

Linear Modern Fire Table


We often get the question of what would we prefer between our Quadra 72” and our Linea 72” fire tables. The answer is definitely not as easy as we would like to think, and it is quite subjective.

These units have their own distinct appearance and characteristics that are equally stunning on their own.
Our Linea comes in 2 sizes: 60” and 72” long. Both are 24” wide and 15 “in height. It has 5” of comfortable table space all around the unit for any purpose the table may serve. It comes with either a 36” or a 48” burner that produces a long line of linear flames for a more alluring presence. Both versions can come in 190k and 250k BTUs respectively, giving out warmth for everyone to cozy around. For propane versions the units are a reduced BTU output unless stationary propane tanks are on the property. Our Linea series is a good size that could be best used as an entertainment focus, or as a space divider.


The fire is the main comfort of the camp, whether in summer or winter, and is about as ample at one season as at another. It is as well for cheerfulness as for warmth and dryness.


Our Quadra line is our most sought after fire table because of its bold, imposing presence that no one can miss. As a result, it was designed to come in 3 different versions:
The Quadra 48 (48″x36″x15″), Quadra 60 (60″x30″x15″) and Quadra 72 (72″x30″x15″). Of all our fire tables, this model has the most space for table functions. Our Quadra tables come with the table and the base. The base has a 6” indentation from the table top, enough space for the legs to stretch. BTUs for these tables range from 110k – 210k BTU.
As both lines could be perfect additions for your outdoor garden and patios, choosing between the Linea and the Quadra fire table is certainly a personal choice. Dramatic fire or more of an entertainment space? If you have a difficult time selecting one, reference the design of your outdoor patio and see what layout works best. Remember you need at least a foot between the table and the furniture to move around comfortably!

Custom Options

At the end of the day if the standard sizes just aren’t quite right – we also do custom Quadra & Linea tables.
Send us an email or call for a quote.
94" Custom Quadra Fire Table

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