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How To Choose Fire Table Sizes

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Fire Table Sizes

If you’re looking for a way to add some extra warmth and ambiance to your backyard space, then the a fire table might be the perfect solution. Our professionalism, technical knowledge and ability to put forward innovative design solutions help us to create stunning fire table models. Our most popular model is the Quadra. The Quadra is available in 3 different lengths: 48″, 60″ and 72″. The Quadra 48 is 36″ wide and the 60″ and 72″ is at 30″ wide.

With different fire table size it can be tough to decide which size is right for your outdoor space. 
In the picture below we illustrated an example of how different sizes look with the same furniture. It’s noticeable that the size of the sofa plays more harmonically with the same size fire table.


The right size of the fire table can turn your backyard into a cozy and pleasant place of rest and relaxation, fun and enjoyment, beauty and elegance. The size of the fire table you select says a lot about your lifestyle. However, it must be sensitive to all surroundings like furniture and decorative elements by means not too big and not too small. Whatever you choose, the fire table should have the visual and functional impact that you expect.

Patio Fire Pit Guide

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Tips on How To Choose a Fire Table Size

When choosing which size Quadra is right for your space, it is important to think about the overall feeling you want. Here are some things to think about:

How many people do you want to be able to sit around it?

It depends on how you designed the sitting area around the fire table. More likely you want the space to gather friends and family around the fire pit but also be able to spend some time on your own. For example, the most popular design Quadra & Cozy sitting chairs may place 4 people (Quadra 48”), 6 people (Quadra 60”) and 8 people (Quadra 72”) around the fire table.

Are you creating a more intimate space, or is it meant to entertain large groups?

Take time to remember that all Quadra models have a different BTU output: Quadra 48 – 110K, Quadra 60 – 150K and Quadra 72 – 210. The higher BTU you choose, the more heat you’ll get. Also, each unit can go with the lower 60-65K BTU that produces more decorative heat if you’re more interested in decorative flame. For a more intimate gathering space, the Quadra 48 would be a good size. If you are wanting to entertain a larger group, then either the 60″ or 72″ Quadra would be your best bet.

How big is your patio or landscaped space where you will add the Quadra fire table?

Sometimes the goal of having an outdoor fire table can be a little more than a dream for the house owners with a small backyard. By that, we recommend the smaller Quadra size which is 48”.  For large decks 60” and 72” fire tables are the perfect option to place in the center of the sitting area or divide an outdoor space. Watch more useful video on our YouTube channel.

How To Measure Deck

fire table size


So you’ve decided on designing the outdoor living space, for example, the deck. The fire table is a must-have item in your plan so you need to measure the area very carefully to make sure everything looks harmoniously.

Quadra 48” = 308 lbs
Quadra 60” = 374 lbs
Quadra 72” =  462 lbs

Where to start?

  1. Measure the space: the length and width. 
  2. Plan where you’re going to organize different zones such as the barbeque area, swimming pool and, of course, sitting area. More likely that Quadra will become an addition to the sitting area where people can talk and relax. 
  3. Calculate deck load capacity by knowing dimensions. See Quadra weight to make sure you won’t take a risk by putting too heavy items. Also, know the difference between live (people) and dead (items) loads.

Custom Fire Table Model

If any of the standard Quadra fire tables do not meet your requirements, our professional design team can create a CUSTOM MODEL. What can be done as custom parts: 

  • Fire table BASE (we can adjust the height, make it lower or higher);
  • RIM on Quadra can be wider if you want to add more table space;
  • TOP of the Quadra also can be customized. 

The main goal of DreamCast Design is to offer fire tables in various sizes, suitable for any outdoor living space and expressing your original style. For any additional information, you can contact our team.

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