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Winterize Your Fire Pit

Winter won’t be cold for those with fire pits in their backyards. Like any other outdoor appliance, concrete fire tables require minor preparation before the winter season starts. We asked our technicians for the best advice on how to use fire tables in wintertime (or how to get your fire pit ready for winter) and we’re happy to share it with you.  This process won’t take too much of your time.

Just find 30 minutes on your weekend, to take care of your fire pit! You’ll be thankful you did come the spring.

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fire pit for winter
Zen 36 Fire Bowl

4 Easy Steps to be Winter Ready

1) Clean up the burner area:

This means to remove any visible debris from the flame bed such as leaves, sticks or anything else. It’s not necessary for winterizing, but this is an opportunity to clean the fire toppings (lava rock, river stones or logs), if you notice any soot build up. If you do remove the toppings vacuum the dust from the metal pan and clean the plate around the burner with warm water.

Get your fire pit ready for winter

2) Turn off external systems:

For all ignition models turn off the gas supply to your appliance.

Do you have electronic ignition? Don’t forget to turn off the circuit breaker to your electronic ignition, and take any remote controls to be stored indoors.

3. Store glass barriers: 

Glass barriers should be stored inside during the winter. Even though tempered glass is much stronger than regular glass extreme cold can make it susceptible to cracking.  Prevent any possible shattering in the spring season by disassembling your glass barrier and storing it indoors; especially if your fire pit is in an uncovered area.

4. Cover your firepit: 

We strongly recommend using the cover to protect your firepit from weathering. Long exposure to snow or ice can damage your firepit, if allowed to settle.  DreamCast covers are made from a light weight high performance fabric to protect your fire pit from these elements. 

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Storing Gas Burners

If you’re not going to use the unit during the winter, and you prefer to store all gas appliances during the winter, DreamCast burners can be removed and stored.

Before you take off the burner, make sure you turned off the gas supply to the unit, and disconnected or unplugged any electronic ignition systems from their power source. Clean up fire toppings (use bags for storing), then lift off the burner and plate. You will need to unscrew the flex line from the gas supply which is connected with a flared fitting. 

Store the unit in a dry place somewhere in your storage room or garage.

fire pit burner

Mild Winter Climate ?

Get your fire pit ready for winter
Zen 36 Firebowl

If you live somewhere with a warmer winter climate there are still important maintenance steps to keep in mind, if you won’t be actively using your outdoor space:

  • check the flame bed area regularly for debris: leaves/sticks, etc. There should be no flammable material building up in your fire pit. 

  • Burn the unit once or twice a month. Regular checks will keep everything running smoothly. 

  • Cover the unit when not in use

Running Your Firepit in the Winter

DreamCast concrete fire pits are lit with fuel sources like propane and natural gas. This means you can light your fire pit just by turning a knob and clicking the lighter, and even manage the flame height while using it. This also means you don’t need to worry about wet wood when operating your fire pit.  The higher the BTU of your fire pit the warmer you’ll be!  

Do not run a fire pit with a glass barrier in deep winter. Thermal shock can happen if going from sub-zero to a high temperature, and cause your glass to break.  

Fire pit in the snow
Element Fire Pit

Using Propane in the Winter

If you run your gas appliances with propane keep in mind that winter temperatures could affect the accessibility of the fuel. Propane shrinks in cold temperatures, and you will have less run time on your tank. Make sure to keep your tank topped up in the winter. Also, although most people won’t be using their fire pit below 42 celsius ( -44 F), it’s a fun fact to know that below this temperature propane turns into a liquid and will be completely useless.   Remember to keep your propane tanks stored 5′ from the house. DreamCast propane side tables are a tidy place to store your tank. 

Concrete in Low Winter Temperatures

All DreamCast concrete products are made from our proprietary concrete mixtures that are designed to perform in harsh weather. Our fire pits are designed to reduce the effects of expansion and contraction with carefully sized flame beds and expansion joints. However, since snow and ice may stick to the fire pit, we recommend always covering the unit when it’s snowing. If some ice eventually sticks to the surface, don’t try to scratch it with sharp items – you may damage the fire pit.

Get In Touch

Still have questions about winterizing your fire pit? Give us a call at 1-888-616-4939, and one of our team will be happy to help!

If you’re not ready to make any decisions right now, why not take a look at our product gallery for more inspiration, or follow us on Instagram to keep up with the latest trends and promotions. 

Thanks for reading! We hope this has been helpful.

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