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How To Choose French Country Color

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There’s no right or wrong way to use color in the interior. However, some tones combinations work better than others and help you to achieve desired results. We encourage further exploration of our mantels’ hues to gain a deep understanding of color design and how to combine it wisely.

French Country Available Colours

WHITE (Simply White, Cloud White, Ice White) gives a timeless classic look that will never go out of style. White fireplaces are historically traditional, but when added some additional decorative elements, gas or electrical insert – the mantels take on a modern flair. In our pallete white color can be narrowly described as either warm or cold.  

It’s interesting to know that the human brain and eye experience white emotionally and mentally. On the positive side, it’s the hues of perfection, cleanliness, lightness, simplicity and truth. Brighten your room and your mood with a white concrete fireplace.

How to Choose Fireplace Color
How to Choose French Country Color

GRAY (London Fog, Mist, Haze) is the most versatile neutral color for a mantel that can complement many different styles. This hue breathes fresh air into the traditional or modern design while balancing between other tones – and it sets the foundation for the whole interior palette. Bear in mind that with the soft gray tone of the fireplace you’ll be able to lighten the weight of large or heavy elements. A darker shade of the mantel obviously will attract more attention.
Gray will bring harmonious balance to your house and feelings of security, reliability, intelligence and wisdom. Still, avoid oversaturation that can seed boredom and uncertainty. 

Two More Colours

BEIGE (Chalk, Moonlight) offers a warm and cozy atmosphere to your house. Today we are excited about large rooms but still want them to be intimate and livable. French Country in Chalk or Moonlight color allows for accomplishing a homely mood. Having an earthy shade, this color can be easily united with green and its hues. This soft creamy tone is very reliable and makes house inhabitants feel relaxed. Considering beige as a fireplace color, it gives you more inner energy and a feeling of strength. With an appropriate insert – it’s a well-playing combination.

how to choose fireplace color
How to Choose French Country Color

BLACK (Charcoal) is a dramatic colour that can really make a statement. Black is perfect if you want to create a modern, gothic look for your living space. Before choosing Charcoal color for your mantel, you need to take into account several aspects such as the tone of the walls, the function of the room, the atmosphere you are trying to reach, and other interior elements in black color which also attract some attention. Overloading a room with a dark tone can create an atmosphere of boredom. 

Choosing a fireplace in black color will bring a feeling of power, weight and authority. That’s the main reason why charcoal is very popular for personal office room design.

Fireplace Style Tips

how to choose mantel width


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Concrete finishing is a process that strives to create a durable surface with various textures. Here at DreamCast we apply a few finishing methods that our clients like best: 

  • SMOOTH finishing considers coating with a stain finish sealer. The color of the fireplace in this case will be smooth with minimum pattering.
  • OLD WORLD has quickly become one of the most favourite textures designers and homeowners are keen on. It’s a handmade texture and we’re applying an exclusive technique to achieve the perfect old world look we are after. After this finish the color of the concrete usually takes a bit darker tone. 
  • LIMESTONE FINISH technique gives the traditional beauty to a fireplace and features the feeling of natural stone. Unlike the old world technique, the limestone lightens the color with a sophisticated smooth tone. Can be applied to all mantels’ colors. 
  • INDUSTRIAL FINISH considered to be more durable and long-lasting textures, perfectly matches with modern design. This finishing can be applied to all colors as a premium option.

You can order color samples in different finishes to make sure which is right for you.

French country fireplace surround

Tips To Choose French Country Color

  • Match the color to your walls! If you’re passionate about creating a streamlined or built-in look for your mantel, then matching the color to your walls would do the trick. 
  • If you are still having trouble choosing a color for the French Country mantel, but you are happy with the design of the rest of your living space, then look to other features in the room for inspiration, such as draperies, rugs or furniture can help tie the design together. 
  • All color interpretations are influenced by different factors such as mood, age, personal experience, gender and even tradition. A room where one person can feel relaxed may not be comfortable for others. Therefore choosing French Country color is one more exciting task for all family members. 

To a certain degree, enjoyable color harmony is like any other aspect of beauty: it’s all about how our eye sees this. Still, you can achieve a certain color harmony by sticking to some basics: balance, proportion, dominance, and combination. Keeping that in mind, we advise you to choose French Country tones carefully. Mixing inventive tones, along with specific hues, is a special skill. If you’re still in doubt about what color to choose, feel free to contact our team. 

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Thanks for reading! We hope this has been helpful and now you know how to decorating a fireplace mantel for Christmas.

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