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Tips on Choosing The Right Colour
and Finish for Your Fireplace Mantel

Tips on Choosing The Right Colour and Finish

There are so many factors to consider when choosing a fireplace mantel. The four most important things to factor in on picking a mantel are the design, the size, color, and texture. Tips on Choosing The Right Colour and Finish​ for your fireplace mantel​

When deciding on a mantel, I find that clients choose a design based on the fireplace insert or they have set their eyes on a particular design and everything else works around it. However way you pick your mantel, we can help you achieve the look that you desire.

Tips on Choosing The Right Colour and Finish for Your Fireplace Mantel
Old World Texture

Fireplace mantel

Tips on Choosing The Right Colour and Finish for Your Fireplace Mantel
SmoothCast Texture

Let’s go back to the mantel…
After the style and design are decided upon, the dimensions of the fireplace insert is equally crucial to consider. Make sure that the size of the mantel will accommodate the size of your fireplace’s unit. If it doesn’t, we have other designs with more flexible sizing or we can custom size one for you. When that is all set aside, let’s pay attention to the colors.

Tips on Choosing The Right Colour and Finish​ for your fireplace mantel

Fireplace mantels are, for the most part, the focal point of every living room and honestly, of almost every room that has them! Some prefer their mantel color to blend in with the wall paint, creating one harmonious monochromatic area that creates an open space illusion. Others, on the other hand, prefer it to be the room’s main “Centerpiece”.

They make it stand out by using a completely different color from the rest of the room and picking a texture that has lots of character in it. We have 11 integral colors to choose from but we can also customize the color tone if wanted. Tips on Choosing The Right Colour and Finish for your fireplace mantel


style of fireplace

Here is the information on how to choose a gas unit for your fireplace in a convenient printable PDF formatIncludes all the useful diagrams and charts, so you can easily refer to it later.

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The texture of the fireplace mantel

The texture of the mantel may not be significant to some. However, it can be extremely important.
Mantel finishes help differentiate the artistic compositions of the concrete from one to another and it also gives the style and appeal that one is into. Our Smooth finish is recommended if you are looking into getting a more modern contemporary look. The texture is semi-gloss to a matte finish and has a very clean, fine, and level surface.
(Modern to Contemporary)
If you are transitioning from a contemporary look to a traditional appeal, we recommend our Limestone
finish. This finish has a textured surface and is a bit porous just like that of real limestone rock.
(Contemporary to Traditional)
The last but not least, and our most popular finish is our Old World texture. This surface has an antique characteristic pattern that is most suitable for a classic and traditional visual appeal. This finish has been the choice of many for our French Country Mantel.

Whatever color or finish you prefer, let us know how we can help.

The Limestone texture is subtle and from afar looks like the Smooth finish, showing patterning and character as you get closer

Installation fireplace mantel Chateau

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