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Fire Glass Beads Topping

US$ 35

Fire Glass is available in a wide variety of styles and colours.

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Fire Glass is available in a wide variety of styles and colours. Glass Beads provide a gentle, resort-like feel, while tempered fire glass brings a sleek modern look.

Glass beads are available in Quartz, Frost and Ebony colours. They can either be distributed around your included lava rock topping or used to cover your entire burner pan.

Tempered fire glass is available in Starfire and Onyx colours.

Caution: Only use glass products designed for gas fire pit use in your DreamCast Fire Pit. Other glass may shatter or break down, damaging the fire pit components or causing injury.

DreamCast Fire Glass can be placed over your included lava rock topping or by itself on your burner plate.


Each bag contains 3lb / 1.4 Kg of Fire Glass.

Please contact us to find out how much Fire Glass you need for your firepit.



Fire Glass

Beads-Ebony, Beads-Quartz, Beads-Frost, Premium Cobalt Fire Glass, Starfire, Copper, Black Fire Glass, Black Diamond Fire Glass

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