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Concrete Fire Pit Bowl for a Luxury Resort in Tofino, BC

Concrete Fire Pit Bowl
for a Luxury Resort in Tofino

Long Beach Lodge Resort

Tofino, BC

long beach lodge resort

Established in 2002, Long Beach Lodge Resort has emerged as a cherished West Coast sanctuary, renowned for its exceptional offerings in relaxation, dining, and adventure. Nestled on the Pacific Ocean’s edge, this luxurious boutique resort features 41 lodge rooms and 20 charming cottages nestled amidst lush trees. Serving as a premier one-stop destination, it has captured the hearts of travelers seeking world-class experiences. The resort’s serene ambiance and breathtaking views create an idyllic escape, making it a favorite retreat for those craving tranquility and adventure alike. Long Beach Lodge Resort stands as a testament to luxury, inviting guests to indulge in the ultimate coastal getaway.


Modern Fire Pit Bowl

We are delighted to collaborate with the Long Beach Lodge Resort team on their patio project, where our DreamCast Lotus 45 Fire Bowl takes pride of place as the focal point of the outdoor gathering area for guests. It is truly an honor and a pleasure for us to be a part of enhancing the resort’s ambiance, providing visitors with a unique and captivating experience around our beautifully crafted fire feature.

Project Details

Sandbar Bistro

What’s the secret to transforming a patio’s appearance from typical to exceptional?


Like other normal patios, they had table arrangement for guests to enjoy good food and ocean view at the same time. However, the patio was lacking a centerpiece to serve as a gathering point. 

Tofino Lotus 45 with people and sunset


The Lotus Fire Bowl transformed the resort’s beach patio, elevating the entire atmosphere. Imagine relishing a beach sunset, enveloped in warmth by a luxurious firepit. It’s a captivating experience, blending nature’s beauty with the cozy allure of a well-designed outdoor space.

Patio Fire Bowl

Lotus 45

At the heart of this resort project lies our exquisite LOTUS 45 Fire Bowl, a contemporary round fire pit designed to bring warmth to your family during chilly nights. Experience the joy of quality time together, wrapped in the soothing embrace of its flames. Its elegance lies in its simplicity, enhancing your outdoor ambiance effortlessly. Crafted with care, each Lotus fire bowl boasts a 6” sculpted rim, not just for aesthetics but also for enhanced functionality, ensuring both style and practicality in your moments of warmth and togetherness.

Luxury Concrete

Fire Pits & Tables

For several years, Long Beach Lodge Resort has stood as a testament to DreamCast’s expertise. As specialists in fine concrete products, our team presents a diverse range of concrete fire bowls and fire tables. These meticulously crafted pieces elevate your living space, adding both style and warmth. Whether you seek a contemporary fire bowl or a functional fire table, our collection offers the ideal options. Moreover, we provide tailored customization services, ensuring your unique preferences are met. Our commitment extends to offering free consultations, guiding you towards the perfect choice to enhance your ambiance, making your space truly exceptional.

More Inspiration

Modern Concrete Firepits

Make Your Dream Space Happen

From creating a welcoming gathering spot to enhancing the overall value of your property, these versatile fire features have the power to transform your outdoor experience and elevate your lifestyle.

Beyond their eye-catching design, rectangular concrete fire pits offer a practical and inviting focal point for gatherings, providing warmth and ambiance on cool evenings.

buying a new concrete fire pit

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Handling & Delivery

It is recommended that you choose a concrete firepit that is engineered with proper weight distribution. This way, you can place it on your deck or move it around your patio via a two-man lift. You can change up your outdoor layout with ease. Don’t forget about this when you are buying a new concrete firepit.

Consider how your new concrete firepit will be delivered and installed. Will it be shipped securely? You may need help with set-up if the desired location is hard to access. If you are purchasing a gas or propane fire pit, you may require the services of a gas fitter to safely connect the appliance. 

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