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Backyard Fire Bowl
for a Luxury Home in Los Angeles

Los Angeles

Backyard Transformation

Zen Fire bowl with garden California project

Located at the heart of Los Angeles, Pacific Palisades neighbourhood, this home exudes charm and is sun-drenched from the skylights above.

The modern fire bowl featured in this backyard project is DreamCast Zen 36, the best-selling fire bowl in our collection for its modern sleek design and high BTU.

ZEN 36

Modern Fire Bowl

We are honored to be part of this extraordinary project with Jilzart Design, a boutique residential landscape and interior design firm in Los Angeles, CA. The DreamCast ZEN 36 fire bowl stands as the focal point of the backyard and helps to transform the outdoor space into a glorious backyard with beautiful towering trees and canyon view from the private deck.

Crafting a unique atmosphere around our meticulously designed fire feature, we contribute to providing an exceptional and unforgettable setting. The fusion of our beautifully crafted fire bowls and the outdoor area promises a relaxing luxurious experience.

Fire Bowl Los Angeles Deck view

Project Details

Pacific Palisades

This original California backyard went from only having a plain abandoned yard to being a charming oasis with a picket fence, sweeping pathways, pops of color and flowers and cozy gathering area around our Zen fire bowl. Jilzart Design team has brought this from an empty yard to charming, modern, and chic.

Before Backyard Transformation Los Angeles

Before Transformation

The backyard was abandoned before the renovation started in 2022.

Backyard Oasis

Thanks to Jilzart team, a total transformation happened from an abandoned yard into a cozy outdoor gathering space for the family.

Outdoor Fire Pit

Zen 36

Central to this project’s outdoor design is our stunning ZEN 36 Fire Bowl, a modern round fire pit meticulously crafted to provide comforting warmth on cold nights.

Zen fire bowl backyard transformation Los Angeles

Concrete Fire Pits and Fire Tables

Pacific Palisades Project in Los Angeles is one of many residence projects across North America that DreamCast has had a chance to work on. As experts in fine concrete products, our team offers an extensive selection of concrete fire bowls and fire tables. Each firepit piece, meticulously crafted, serves to elevate your living space by infusing it with both style and warmth. Whether you’re in search of a contemporary fire bowl or a practical fire table, our diverse collection provides the perfect options. We pride ourselves on delivering tailored customization services, ensuring your unique preferences are met. Our dedication extends to complimentary consultations, guiding you toward the ideal choice that will enhance your ambiance, making your space truly extraordinary.


Modern Concrete Firepits

Round Fire Pits

From creating a welcoming gathering spot to enhancing the overall value of your property, these versatile fire features have the power to transform your outdoor experience and elevate your lifestyle.

Concrete Fire Tables

Beyond their eye-catching design, rectangular concrete fire pits offer a practical and inviting focal point for gatherings, providing warmth and ambiance on cool evenings.

buying a new concrete fire pit

Fire pits Patio Guide

How to choose a fire pit? 
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Handling & Delivery

It is recommended that you choose a concrete firepit that is engineered with proper weight distribution. This way, you can place it on your deck or move it around your patio via a two-man lift. You can change up your outdoor layout with ease. Don’t forget about this when you are buying a new concrete firepit.

Consider how your new concrete firepit will be delivered and installed. Will it be shipped securely? You may need help with set-up if the desired location is hard to access. If you are purchasing a gas or propane fire pit, you may require the services of a gas fitter to safely connect the appliance. 

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