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Decorating a Fireplace Mantel for Christmas

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Dressing Up your Dreamcast Mantels For Christmas

Christmas is the best time to recall family memories and create new ones. What could be the best place to tell life stories but in front of the fireplace? We’re here with ideas on how to make Christmas magic around your fireplace and drape your home in holiday spirit. Let’s decorating a fireplace mantel for Christmas.

How to decorate Mantels

If you have a traditional fireplace and decided to stick to classic Christmas decorating, but, at the same time, you want to add something unique and unexpected, – then these decoration tips are for you.

Decorating Elements for Traditional Mantels

Christmas mantel fireplace

Garland made of pine leaves and branches, like in the picture below would look very classy and homey. The pine cones that are still attached to the leaves serve well as additional ornaments so keep it on the branch, let it be and just enjoy it. 

Candles are the simplest elements that will add a twist to classic decoration. Place them randomly on the top of the mantel. One of the best options to wrap it is to use a glass or a vase to put a candle inside.

Seasonal Bouquet with flowers, fruits, leaves, and cones is a fashionable and cheerful decoration for the mantel. You may place it either on the top of the mantel or on the hearth where everyone can reach yummy fruits. 

Wall Christmas Art with appropriate signs (Merry Christmas, Joy, LOVE, New Year) or illustrations can create a high-end look and also tell some magic story.

Christmas mantel fireplace

Fireplace Style Tips

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Decorating Elements for Modern Mantels

For more contemporary/modern mantels, colourful ornaments like gold and silver candles, big colourful Christmas bells, Christmas cactus and Poinsettia flowers could all make your mantel fully adorned and cherished. Add a few toy soldiers on the mantel with a whole choir of Nutcrackers creates an impressive ensemble of a tiny Christmas village.

Decorate your Mantel Smart

Holidays are the best occasion to make your fireplace the central point for all meetings. Shortly, after Thanksgiving ornaments are taken off the mantel, the big boxes with Christmas decorations are being dragged from the basement to the living room. Though developing the perfect installation for your space is the main goal, be careful not to damage the concrete surrounding with decorating elements.

Here’re some tips:

  • DO NOT hang decorations on nails – it may cause holes and cracks that may be hard to repair;
  • DO NOT draw or paint on the mantel. Some paints are not removable; 
  • DO NOT hang real Christmas tree branches because it contains natural glue that may stick to the mantel’s surface and it will be hard to remove;  
  • DO NOT put ornaments on tape, you may face sticky stains after the removal which may be hard to clean;

Be careful but do not limit your imagination – decorate smart! Make your home merrier with some cheerful mantel decorative elements. 

Christmas Craft from DreamCast Design
We show you how!

Tradition lies at the heart of everything you do at Christmastime. Decorating a house is one of the most pleasant and warm traditions. DreamCast Design team decided to share some Fireplace Christmas Craft lessons with you. 

SWAG GARLAND on your mantel symbolizes good luck and fortune. 


  • Garland from branches and leaves 
  • Craft wire 
  • Ribbons
  • Pine boughs approximately 16 inches long
  • Christmas stockings


  1. To make a swag garland: lay branches and leaves on a flat surface. Gently wire the stalks from one end to the other, overlapping ends in order to keep the shape on the garland. If you feel it’s unstable, you may insert wire deeper into the stalks to achieve stability. 
  2. Place stocking holders on the mantel first. Then hang the swag garland the way you like and embellish (or tight in some places) with ribbon bows. 
  3. The finishing touch would be hanging Christmas stockings. Every morning during December, you’ll hear footsteps rushing to the fireplace, where a pleasant gift awaits each inhabitant.
fireplace mantel for Christmas
Christmas mantel fireplace

Flames Of Green

  1. Choose the glass and clean it with soft tissue in order to prepare the surface for decoration. Make sure the glass is dry before you start crafting.
  1. Get ready a few branches of the evergreen tree, preferably the same size but any variation would work. Coat the pieces with adhesive spray and wait for a couple of minutes till the spray gets tacky. Attach those pieces to the glass surface and let the greenery dry. Afterwards, trim the bottom of the glass with scissors.

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Thanks for reading! We hope this has been helpful and now you know how to decorating a fireplace mantel for Christmas.

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