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River Rock for Fire Pit

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River stones

It is in our human nature to be fascinated with fire. Well, how could one not be enthralled by its graceful dancing flames, to begin with? As campfires and backyard “dug-a-hole” fire pits are restricted and illegal, not to mention the fire hazards they could bring to the community. There are hundreds of safe and commercially manufactured modern fire pits all over the market today. 

Acquiring a fire pit is a serious business though… you have to decide on the style that suits your setting. Choose a certain design or have one made bespoke for you. Pick the material that it is made of; then what about the colour? Is it going to be natural gas or liquid propane? And yes, the decision on what fire pit medium to use, whether it be lava rock, fire glass and glass beads or river rock for fire pit, always comes up.

What are river stones for fire pits made from?

Aside from the obvious aesthetic reasons of hiding the burner and to emulate the appearance of natural fire. These firepit media also maintain heat and the warmth quite similar to that of a natural campfire. One of the most in demand fire pit media or toppings in the industry is the River rocks. This medium is produced to pretty much “clone” the realistic appearance of natural river rocks. They may look exactly like the real thing, they do, however, actually weigh much less in comparison. They are specifically produced to recreate the organic representation of the real rocks, that is why they look so serene… and so modern!

Can I just collect rocks by the river and use them?

river rock for fire pits

Well, No… First, you have to find a river… okay, you really don’t need to do that. With all seriousness though, it is very dangerous to use the actual river rocks! The real ones do, not just can, but do explode and shatter when exposed to constant and high heat. There is always water and air retention in the actual rocks due to the way rocks are formed. 

When put in constant heating or on high heat, the rapid expansion of the moisture trapped inside the rock causes the tiny fissures inside the rock to expand and the rock explodes! This is one of those few cases when it is absolutely not advisable to use the real thing.
This fire pit medium is fabricated ceramic fiber stones that are designed to withstand constant and high heat.  They are manufactured using integral pigments in the production process to color them.  River stones are the most popular choice for those who are drawn to a more Zen style appeal.

How to place river stones in your fire pit

River rocks (or river stones) can be used as a solo fire pit medium or topping or can be combined with other media depending on the looks you want to achieve. Accomplish the Zen vibe using only river rocks. Enhance your fire pits organic appeal using some lava rock as a base with river rocks on top or some colourful fire beads as a base to give a more contemporary touch.

One of the advantages of the river rocks is its capacity to retain heat even after the burner is turned off, much better in keeping heat than the other medium. It is aesthetically beautiful, very clean looking, calming and everything else that is charming.

One thing about these rocks though is that they need to be placed strategically. When using river rocks, it is important to arrange them with good gaps in between each other so as to create lots of airflow in order to achieve taller and fuller flames. Ensure that all burner holes are free from getting blocked by the rocks. This will help emulate the real flames that we all desire in a fire table.

Check out the video below to see how the rocks need to be placed to keep the air intake on a CROSSFIRE burner that DreamCast concrete fire pits use to ensure a large bright flame. 

River rock for Fire Pit

DreamCast has a collection of all types of fire pit media, from the most simplistic style in Lava rocks, to the luxurious and contemporary design in Fire glass and Glass beads to the most natural and serene appeal of the River rocks.

View our accessories page to see more options by clicking here: Accessories Page

Our rocks, rock! 

More videos

Want to see more firepit media and how it looks lit up? Watch Catherine with DreamCast light up our Zen 34 concrete firebowl and demonstrate the different fire pit accessories available on our YouTube channel.

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