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How to Light a Gas Fire Pit

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Guide on how to light a gas fire pit

Among all types of firepit ignition options starting a manual-lit fire pit is the most convenient to use. It is pretty much the same as lighting a regular barbecue! (But please, don’t cook steak on it!) Here is our guide on how to light a gas fire pit.
Step 1: Turn on the gas valve
Step 2: Use a lighter or matches to start the burner
Step 3: Turn off the gas valve after using Voila! as easy as 1,2,3. (Literally!)

How to light a gas fire pit?

how to light a gas fire pit

It is now officially summer! …and with the summer season comes family picnics, afternoon backyard barbecues, having some drinks and sharing some laughs under the starry night sky with our friends and loved ones, making smores and roasting some marshmallows over a well-lit fire pit. Speaking of fire pits, technology paved different ways and much more convenient ways to start a firepit. Gone are the days when we had to use a handful of dry hay and kindling to get a fire going or the tireless pumping of bellows to blow air into the fire just to keep the flame from dying. In this day and age, we can light a firepit manually using a lighter or matches, by Pushing a button or by Electronic ignition. 

This topic is specifically focused on the most common and the most basic type of ignition, the Manual Lit System. 

What are the Advantages of a Manual ignition system?

Aside from the convenience of the manual start, this ignition  practically has  no
maintenance required . The fact that it works with such ease on “all-types-of-weather” makes it even more handy. Most problems and technical issues are also easy to troubleshoot, which is why a lot of our clients prefer this type of burner starter.

how to light a gas fire pit
Concrete Fire Pits

What are the Disadvantages of a Manual ignition system?

There are not very many disadvantages to a manual start. Suffice it to say that the biggest issue would be having to have a lighter on hand (just like trying to find the other pair of your kid’s socks!). If a lighter is always missing in your home, matches are a good alternative to use… The chances of getting your hands close to the fire by using matches is higher, so lighters with longer nozzles (like a BBQ lighter) is highly suggested. This reduces the chances of singing the hair off the back of your fingers.  On a more technical aspect of it though, do keep in mind that not all models are CSA compliant or certified.

How to Install a manual light firepit?

It is best and highly recommended that all types of fire pits, whether fire tables or fire bowls, are installed by a professional gas fitter. It is quite easy to make a detrimental mistake with major consequences when toying around gas appliances.

Install and use your Outdoor Fire Pit with care.  Follow local codes. In the absence of local codes, use the latest edition of The National Fuel Gas Code ANSI Z223.1/NFPA 54 available from: 

American National Standards Institute Inc.

1430 Broadway New York NY 10018

National Fire Protection Association,Inc.

Batterymarch Park Quincy MA 02269.

Instruction to the fire pit installation

Below is a quick and general run by instructions for our firepit installation: A gas line is installed to code to carry the correct amount of BTU for the specific fire pit. One line is gas-in, and that goes into the valve. The second line is a flex hose that goes from the valve to the burner. Ensure all non-flare fittings are taped and tested for any gas leak. Again, these are only general instructions and for better results, installation is best left to the hands of professional gas fitters.

how to light a gas fire pit

How to Turn your Firepit

Once your firepit is all set-up you just have to turn it on! Want to see how easy it is turn on a manual firepit? 

In this video Catherine from DreamCast turns on a concrete fire bowl with a manual lit turn-key system.

Check out more videos from DreamCast here.

Trouble Shooting your Firepit

DreamCast Linear Fire Pits and Tables use CROSSFIRE burners with output up to 250,000 BTUs, while our Fire Bowls output up to 120,000 BTUs. This is definitely more than enough to give off taller, brighter, fuller flames! Sometimes something is wrong in the set-up though.

how to light a gas fire pit

We want to share two of the most frequently asked questions we have encountered with regard to the burner and how to troubleshoot.

Why does my firepit burner have a low flame?


  • Check for the burner BTU output 
  • Check if the key is turned completely to the maximum BTU 
  •  Check & clear blockages by media of any ports 
  •  Ensure all fittings are tightly sealed to secure no gas leak

Why is my firepit making a whistling sound?

This is usually due to a kink on the flex hose line. 

  • Turn off the gas valve and straighten the kink on the flex hose line if any. 
  • This could also be due to an incorrect flex hose line or wrong diameter hose. 
  • Flex hoses are designed for different gas pressure, make sure to use the designed hose for the appropriate amount of BTU.

DreamCast Design and Production

DreamCast uses only the very best and tested products in the market for our concrete firetables and firebowls. We are leading the firepit industry by using highly engineered precision burners in the market today that produce a fuller, brighter, & taller flames. 

Browse our website and view our selections of high end quality and beautifully designed concrete firetable and firebowl designs. There is always that one particular design just for you. Watch more videos on our YouTube channel.

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Thanks for reading! We hope this has been helpful.

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