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Natural Gas Concrete Firepits

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Enhancing Your Outdoor Space:

Stylish, Low-Maintenance Natural Gas Concrete Fire Pits

Concrete fire pits fueled by natural gas are a popular and stylish addition to outdoor spaces, combining form and function with ease. These versatile, contemporary fixtures offer a clean and hassle-free alternative to traditional wood-burning fire pits. Crafted from durable concrete, they seamlessly blend into various outdoor aesthetics, from modern to rustic, and can withstand the rigors of the elements. Natural gas as a fuel source ensures convenience and consistent flames, eliminating the need for constant wood replenishment and minimizing smoke and ash. With their low-maintenance design, concrete fire pits provide an inviting focal point for gatherings and enhance the ambiance of any outdoor setting.

What makes a fire bowl different from a fire table?

Selecting the Ideal Option

You’ve decided you need a fire pit for your yard – great choice! Now, you need to figure out how to make it work. It’s remarkably easy, actually. Living in the city usually means that open air burning is prohibited, so you can’t just chop logs and throw them in. However, most cities have natural gas mains to which your house is already hooked up heating your hot water or furnace. It’s a matter plumbing your fire bowl to this existing gas supply and there are a couple of ways to achieve this depending on the scale of your backyard project commitment. Are you doing a full redo of your yard, or just want to add a fire feature(like natural gas concrete firepits) to the existing layout?

Full Renovation / New Construction

Planning and Installing

If your project is from the ground up you can plumb a direct line to where your fire pit will be located. This means the gas connection will be buried in the ground under pavers or other hardscape for an invisible connection. All the attachments to the plumbed line will be finalized within the bowl for a crisp look. It’s important when in the planning phase to select your fire pit and it’s BTU output, if you’re going with one of the higher BTU models, so the line can installed correctly.

buying a new concrete fire pit

Fire pits Patio Guide

How to choose a fire pit? 
Here is your Fire pits Patio Guide to help you realize your dream fire pit!
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Add a Fire pit to your Existing Yard

Easy Installation

Quick Connect Box
Natural Gas Main

In this instance your layout is already in place, and the only thing missing is that key feature – a fire pit.  This is easily resolved as well. Many new homes will already have a quick connect or “BBQ box” installed in the backyard. You might need to add a splitter to this box, to run both appliances at the same time, or you can do one or the other. If you don’t have a quick connect already then a gas professional can run a line from your house supply and install one. From the Quick Connect box to the fire table you’ll be able to run a nondescript hose which will easily connect and disconnect. Legal maximum is usually around 20′ for hose length, but you want to keep the length of the line as short as you can. The longer the hose the higher chance you have for pressure drop.  Technically fire pits on a quick connect are “portable” and you will have more flexibility to rearrange your yard layout.

Natural Gas Main

In either set-up, new build or add-on, you will need to have a gas professional set-up your fire pit and leak test it. Our fire pits ship disassembled with all the parts you need for the fire pit hook up: from the valve to the burner. However, the other side of the valve to your gas supply must be done by the gas professional to ensure safe operation of your gas appliance. Why does it ship disassembled? This is to make transport of our concrete fire pits easy and so you can place them on decks or rooftop patios without needing a crane.

Should you do Propane or Natural Gas?

Choosing the Right Ignition Method

We cover these pro and cons on a different blog post. With this post focusing on natural gas there are a lot of conveniences to be had with this fuel type. Running off natural gas gives you the modern convenience of a constant fuel source. No need to worry about refills. The height of the flame is easily controlled and there are a number of ignition methods available for natural gas concrete firepits:

Key valve
Push button Flame sense piezo
Electronic Ignition
Pilot System Manual

Depending on your climate one ignition method may be better than another and each has it’s pros and cons as well. Most importantly all these ignition systems and the instant fuel means you don’t need to worry about where you’ll be getting dry logs and cleaning up the mess of ash afterwards. Convenience and beautiful aesthetic. Concrete fire pit design is not just about delivery of heat, but also the presentation of this elemental force in our yard. This is the world of modern fire pits. 

What are the other distinct features of a modern Natural Gas Concrete Firepits

Chic and Cozy

Concrete firepits
Phantom 72 Fire Pit
  • Contemporary design fire pits are low profile. This is because outdoor furniture is set much lower than indoor. Plus the lower the fire bowl the more warmth you feel. We’ve found 15″ high is the sweet spot.
  • Various fire topping available to get the perfect look – check out some of our options
  • Concrete firepits come in different shapes and sizes to suit your layout –  view the collection of designs
Email or call us with any questions you have during your design process for a natural gas concrete fire pit.

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