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DreamCast Venezia Mantel
Featured on Love it or List it Vancouver

Watch Love it or List it Vancouver to see our Venezia Mantel

Are you interested in learning about interior design? Do you want to be able to update your home’s look on a budget? Then you should watch the TV program “Love it or List it Vancouver” on HGTV. On this show, experts offer tips and advice on creating beautiful and stylish interiors, regardless of your budget or skill level. Watch Love it or List it Vancouver Sept 21 on W Network too see our Gorgeous Venezia Mantel.

Watch Love it or List it Vancouver Sept 21 on W Network

Plus, the episodes are packed with ideas you can easily replicate in your home. Tune in and get inspired!

We’re proud to see the DreamCast Design mantel in this show. Video episode gives you a chance to observe the mantel from different angles and what it looks like in the real life. You’ll witness the process of renovation from scratch to the final touch-up. Sometimes it’s the best way to work out your design. 

Fireplace Style Tips

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Venezia Mantel

Let’s stop here at the moment of Installing the Venezia mantel. The model was chosen by a professional designer in order to fit the main style. Must admit – perfect choice! The concrete surround in this finish and colour highlight the fireplace and wrap it in a gorgeous frames. 

How to choose a Mantel

There are a few things to keep in mind when choosing a mantel:  

  • if you have a hearth, you’ll want to make sure the mantel is the right size and shape to fit snugly against it;
  • take into account the overall style of your fireplace. A traditional brick fireplace would look quite different with a modern, angular mantel than would a concrete fireplace;
  • think twice when deciding on colour so it plays with the main colour palette. 

Keep all of these factors in mind when choosing your mantel, and you’re sure to end up with something that looks great and adds a touch of luxury to your home. Enjoy the show and feel free to grab ideas for designing your own space.

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Thanks for reading! We hope this has been helpful and now you know how to decorating a fireplace mantel for Christmas.

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