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Cannon Balls – 14pcs


Spherical, stylish, yet simple; our assortment of decorative cannonballs are a terrific, low maintenance method for beautifying a firepit!

Our 14pc Cannonball set present a modern twist of minimalist design to create a fabulous flame presentation. Utilizing current ceramic technologies our cannon balls are ideal for outdoor environments.  They are integrally colored with 3 muted modern tones and made of a porous fireproof material. Extremely durable our cannonballs are freeze tested & fire approved. They are clean burning with no smoke, ash, or harmful fumes.

Colors and Sizes

A set of 14 with 3 different sizes, all sets are multi-colored with 3 neutral tones.

Note: As a natural part of the process, carbon (soot) may build up where the flame encroaches on the balls


Concrete fire pits


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