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Traditional Fireplace Mantels
for Home Transformation into a Warm Oasis

HGTV’s Home in a Hearbeat

Season 2  Episode 2

We are truly honored to see our DreamCast Bolero and French Country fireplace mantels showcased in Episode 2 of Season 2 on HGTV’s “Home in a Heartbeat with Galey Alix.” Renowned designer Galey Alix selected our exquisite traditional mantels to adorn a stunning home renovation project.


Concrete Fireplace Mantel

The living room boasts the timeless elegance of our French Country mantel in a pristine white finish, while the bedroom radiates with the charm of our white Bolero fireplace surround. To delve deeper into this captivating episode and learn more about the show, visit HGTV’s official website. We are delighted to be a part of this remarkable journey in home transformation.


Living room

Before Transformation

In this episode, we delve into Tasha’s inspiring journey as a dedicated chef and entrepreneur who has tirelessly pursued her lifelong dream of owning a home. However, her long-awaited sanctuary has turned into a disheartening nightmare due to its unappealing design. In a remarkable transformation that unfolds over a mere three days, Galey and her talented team undertake the challenge of converting Tasha’s once cold and empty house into a cozy and inviting oasis, breathing new life into her cherished abode. 

After Transformation

Within this inviting living room, our traditional French Country fireplace mantel serves as an anchoring element, establishing a serene and comfortable ambiance ideal for relaxation. Crafted in our contemporary “Simply White” hue with a Smoothcast texture, this mantel embodies a daring fusion of traditional design and modern elegance, contributing to the room’s multifaceted charm.


Traditional Fireplace Mantels

The French Country white fireplace surround emerges as the pièce de résistance, captivating attention and infusing the space with a profound sense of warmth and visual depth. Its Smoothcast finish, coupled with the pristine white color, sets it apart from the contrasting dark cabinetry that envelops it, establishing a striking visual contrast.

This harmonious blend of styles and textures within the room underscores the mantle’s transformative role, adding layers of sophistication and intrigue to the living space. It embodies both time-honored tradition and contemporary chic, elevating the room’s overall aesthetic.

Bedroom Makeover

Before Transformation

To fulfill Tasha’s desire for a cozy atmosphere, Galey introduced a second fireplace in her primary bedroom alongside the French Country mantel in the living room. The pristine white fireplace serves as a striking contrast against the room’s dark, textured walls, effectively imparting a sense of intimacy and snugness to the space.

After Transformation

This clever design choice not only adds visual interest but also contributes to making the bedroom appear more compact and inviting, aligning perfectly with Tasha’s vision of a warm and comforting retreat.


White Fireplace Surround

Make your dream space happen!

The French Country fireplace surround epitomizes timeless elegance and classic charm. This beloved design boasts enduring details and a graceful aura that effortlessly enhances any interior. Whether adorning grand rooms or cozier spaces, this sought-after mantel has the power to transform your living areas into enchanting havens, radiating a sense of timeless beauty and sophistication.

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Concrete Fireplace Mantels?

Concrete is a great option when it comes to design elements like fireplace mantels because it can be tailored to fit any space and aesthetic. It also has a timeless elegance that never goes out of style and is incredibly durable, making it perfect for high-traffic areas. Plus, since no two pieces are exactly alike, you can be sure that your home will have one-of-a-kind elements that make it stand out among other homes on the market. 


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