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A white fireplace surround for a home in Georgia, US

White Fireplace Surround
for a Home Makeover in Georgia

HGTV's Married To Real Estate Season 2 Episode 1

We are delighted and filled with pride to announce that our DreamCast Bowen Concrete Fireplace Surround is prominently showcased on Episode 1 of Season 2 of HGTV’s “Married to Real Estate.” This exquisite home renovation, masterminded by the renowned Egypt Sherrod, has been graced with the elegance of our concrete fireplace surround. 

The focal point of this stunning home is our Bowen mantel style in a pristine Simply White hue with a Limestone finish, creating a captivating contrast. For further insights and details about this remarkable show, please visit the official HGTV website. We are thrilled to be a part of this extraordinary project.

In this episode, we follow the journey of Mark and Rebecca, driven by the desire to leave their apartment and establish a new home close to their daughter’s school in Atlanta’s Dunwoody area. However, the house they selected posed a challenge with its oversized stone fireplace obstructing both the view and the available space. 

Before Transformation

To overcome this obstacle, Egypt devised a strategic plan to breathe new life into the home, creating a more open and inviting concept that would better suit the family’s needs and aspirations. Witness the remarkable transformation as they embark on this exciting renovation journey.

After Transformation

Egypt initiated a remarkable transformation by dismantling the stone fireplace and removing the kitchen wall, instantly expanding the available space. Subsequently, she introduced the Bowen modern fireplace mantel, anchoring it to the focal wooden wall to craft a versatile area that blends formal and casual elements, ideal for family gatherings and shared TV moments.

The white fireplace mantel takes center stage in this redesigned space, infusing it with both warmth and captivating layers of visual intrigue. Crafted with a Limestone finish in a pristine white hue, this mantel harmoniously complements the room’s radiant ambiance, ensuring it remains an inviting and luminous focal point in the newly transformed area.

Contemporary Fireplace Surround

In this living room, our Bowen custom fireplace mantel serves as the centerpiece, anchoring the space and fostering an inviting atmosphere for conversations and gatherings. Crafted in our contemporary Simply White hue with a Limestone texture, this mantel represents a bold departure into a modern design aesthetic, enriching the room with an added layer of sophistication. Its sleek and clean lines contribute to a fresh and stylish ambiance, seamlessly blending with the room’s existing elements, and making it a captivating focal point that adds depth and character to the overall design.

Bowen Mantel

The Bowen Mantel effortlessly marries classic architectural curves with striking picture frame aesthetics, resulting in a modern elegance that exudes sophistication effortlessly. Boasting a generous mantel depth, this contemporary fireplace design not only offers practical utility but also excels in space-saving functionality, making it a versatile choice suitable for any home style.

Elevate Your Modern Aesthetic

Explore new levels of creativity with the versatile Bowen Surround. Consider a sleek floating design by incorporating it around a linear fireplace, and elevate the overall aesthetics by complementing it with DreamCast concrete panel wall cladding for a seamless and contemporary look.

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Fireplace Mantels?

Concrete is a great option when it comes to design elements like fireplace mantels because it can be tailored to fit any space and aesthetic. It also has a timeless elegance that never goes out of style and is incredibly durable, making it perfect for high-traffic areas. Plus, since no two pieces are exactly alike, you can be sure that your home will have one-of-a-kind elements that make it stand out among other homes on the market. 

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