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Fire Bowl or Fire Table

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Fire Bowl or Fire Table

Summer barbecues may be over but getting together with family and friends is just the start of the many social events that are expected in the upcoming holidays. One of the best places to gather around is by the fire; whether it’s a fire pit, campfire, or even a stove heater, we all are drawn to the warmth it emits and the movement of its flames – a graceful and hypnotic dance. Here are some helpful pointers to help you choose between a fire bowl or a fire table.

Fire table or fire bowl

But with all the numerous selections of outdoor fire pits that are currently out in the market, how can you pick the right one for you?

What makes a fire bowl different from a fire table?

The main difference with a fire bowl/ fire pit from a fire table is that a fire table has a table ledge. Because of this ledge the size of the flame bed is restricted. This means you will have a less hot fire with a fire table. There needs to be a balance to keep that table top functional. Otherwise, anything you put near the fire will heat up very quickly and the table surface itself will become uncomfortably warm to the touch.

DreamCast has designed it’s fire table tops to achieve this balance of heat and functionality, but at the core of the design fire tables must be multi-purpose. This is why you will generally only get the really high heat output tables on longer lengths, while you can get fairly compact fire bowls with raging infernos. So, you have to decide your main priority within the space of your patio – heat, or entertainment.

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Fire Bowl

fire bowl or fire table

If you are looking for an elegant yet classic, or boldly contemporary fire pit think  fire bowl. Are you looking to create a a more intimate and cozy effect?  Think fire bowl! There is something very comforting about gathering around in a circle, and this shape actually lends very well to both modern and more traditional aesthetics. You can dress it up towards a more classic look with a log set, or go ultra modern with river stones. Fire Bowls are like that little black dress – versatile for any occasion!  The Zen 34 is a very popular fire bowl – take a look at the options with different media .

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Benefits of a Fire Bowl

  • Suits lots of different styles: modern & traditional Works well in areas that have limited space for movement.
  • Has a more classic campfire appeal
  • Even larger fire bowls are not visually overwhelming in a landscape because without the hard right angles it ties in spaces more easily
  • Creates intimate sitting areas
  • Allows you to have a larger flame because there is no limiting table top

Drawbacks of a Fire Bowl

  • Limits seating options
  • More difficult to find the right bowl suitable for a large area
  • You will need a side table to place drinks
  • Not great for narrow area

Fire Table

Need that table space in the patio area? Fire tables are your go to solution. Aside from the present-day appeal of its style, a gas fire table has ample space that is both decorative and functional for your entertaining purposes. It is also perfect to be used as a space divider or in narrow areas,  if you explore the more linear design options, like the DreamCast  LineaIf you opt for a high heat output fire table (over 65K) consider a glass barrier to keep the flame from being blown over onto the table surface. Fire tables similarly to fire bowls can also be decorated with different media to be more or less contemporary.

Watch more useful video on our YouTube Channel.

Benefits of a Fire Table

  • Table space for drinks and snacks 
  • Useful ledge
  • Usually available in larger sizes than round bowls
  • Square shape works well with sectional furniture
  • Right angles better suited for small spaces

Drawbacks of a Fire Table

  • Less heat than similar-sized fire bowl 
  • May need a glass barrier
  • Modern style may not suit traditional spaces

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Thanks for reading! We hope this has been helpful.

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